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Tips for Maintaining Your Diesel Truck

Owning a diesel truck means you have a vehicle with incredible towing power. Diesel engines are built differently than gas motors, and they give your truck more horsepower and the ability to haul heavy loads. However, you need to do a few things to keep your ride in good working order. Here are some suggestions. 

Make Fuel System Adjustments

A diesel engine has multiple filters and separators that clean the fuel before it enters the combustion chamber. When you fill up, adding conditioners to diesel gas helps these systems work better and longer to keep the motor running efficiently. A variety of additives are available, and you can include each in the fuel tank at different times. Some prevent gelling during freezing temperatures, while others remove excess water. Additionally, you can install diesel fuel systems that remove air bubbles that form in the tank when fuel sloshes around. Removing the extra oxygen ensures the proper fuel to air ratio in the engine.  

Keep Cooling System Fluids Topped Off

With the fuel running smoothly through the engine, keep the hard-working motor running cool with an adequately maintained radiator. The easiest way to do this is to keep the system full of coolant fluid. There are a wide variety of fluids available in most automotive stores, and you need to match the fluid already in your vehicle’s pipes. Mixing different types of liquid can cause an interaction between the various chemicals, ruining the radiator. 

Perform Routine Oil and Filter Changes

Oil is another vital additive to a high-heat diesel engine and keeps moving parts lubricated and working efficiently. Over time the oil in the motor collects grime and sludge, which causes the liquid to thicken up and stop doing its job. Scheduling routine oil and oil filter changes keep the engine clean and working strong. 

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