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The Ultimate Legal Stationery Checklist

What’s the secret to finding the best office supplies?

Buying from one location.

For instance, an online office supply store will likely have multiple sellers. They’ll be able to offer you a wide variety of legal stationery from the best name brands. Instead of keeping track of each store you buy from, everything will be in one convenient online location.

Purchasing from a single site makes it easy to enjoy business-only pricing along with a personalized shopping experience. You’ll be able to filter your searches exactly how you like, helping you save time while also finding the best deals.

What can other tips can help you find the best office supplies for your law firm? Read on to find out.

Know Your Options

Did you know that there’s more than one type of legal stationery? There’s imprinted standard left ruled legal pads, imprinted litigation rule legal pads, and rolled legal pads that go great with these legal dividers. You can even find exclusive trial note legal pads and drilled canary legal pads.

Custom Stationery

You should also look into custom imprinted legal writing pads that can feature your law firm’s name. We suggest looking for paper with a smooth, bright surface that won’t blot with a fountain pen.

It’s also good to look for an 80 point binder board backer since these will be about 50% thicker than standard stationaries. For the most professional appearance, sturdy leather tape binding always comes across well.

Add Color

Are you going to be personalizing the legal pads with your firm’s name? Then consider adding a bit of color.

The law firm’s name could appear in brown, green, red, black, or blue. Sometimes you can even find companies that provide gold and silver foil colors, so the stationary stands out.

Place Bulk Orders with the Legal Stationery Store

The last thing you want is the office to run out of supplies. We suggest always planning ahead and buying your office supplies in bulk.

You will be able to have the peace of mind that you’re well-stocked, and you’ll probably get a better deal. Take a moment to think about what your coworkers and employees will need for the next 3 to 6 months. Go ahead and start a legal stationery checklist so that you can keep track of every item.

While one attorney prefers professional stationery; another may enjoy a more playful style. After creating an office buying checklist, you can figure out your budget for the year.

Once you know what you can spend on office supplies, start looking for the best deals. However, don’t let price be your only deciding factor. In addition to finding high-quality office supplies, you should also consider buying eco-friendly products.

Find Eco-Friendly Office Products

Being a green law firm is more than just a title. It shows the public that you care about the community you’re serving, and that’s great for business. You’ll be able to reduce your law firm’s ecological impact, and it won’t even be that hard.

Green office supplies are trendy right now, so it’s easy to find whatever you need. They provide excellent alternatives to traditional office products, and they’re affordable.

In addition to buying eco-friendly legal stationary, you can also take things one step further. Consider getting eco-friendly copy paper, printer ink and toner, pens, trash bags, and staplers! There’s really no end to the green alternatives available.

As far as copy paper goes, look for paper made using 100% post-consumer fiber. You can also look for chlorine-free paper made from renewable resources.

Certain eco-friendly products might not be suitable for your office. For instance, an unbleached paper that uses post-consumer fiber will not have the same bright white color. However, if the lawyers in your office are okay with this, it can be an excellent move for the planet.

Recycled paper reduces energy consumption and produces less greenhouse gas emissions! Buying the right office supplies is only the beginning. There’s a ton of ways to go green, that you can look into.

Don’t Cheap Out

Another thing to consider is the quality of the office products you’re buying. It might be tempting to go for the best deal you find, but it’s not always the right choice. Instead, you should be looking at name-brand office supply companies with a reputation for providing durable products.

The more durable the products are, the easier it’ll be to save money in the long run. Instead of dealing with stationaries and notebooks that fall apart, you’ll have reliable supplies.

For instance, you could buy notebooks that have protective plastic covers. If a spill happens or daily wear and tear occur, the notebook will still survive. Instead of buying a replacement, you’ll be able to use the same notebook time and time again.

Talk to Coworkers for Their Opinion

Since stationery is something that the attorneys and paralegals will be looking at a lot, it would help if they like it. Talk to your coworkers to find out what their preferences are.

Do they have a particular type of lettering or color that works best for them? What about their daily office supply needs?

Instead of assuming that everyone will like the same thing, it’s a good idea to ask around. Make a legal stationery checklist, so you don’t forget any part of the order.

If you have friends who also work in a corporate setting, find out who they go to for their office supplies. They might be able to offer you some type of referral discount, so it’s worth looking into.

Help Your Lawfirm Thrive

We hope this article can point you in the right direction for buying your law firm’s legal stationery, and more. As long as you’re willing to be proactive and shop around, we’re sure you’ll find a great deal.

There are so many different types of legal stationaries; go ahead and review the different styles now. See the differences between litigation rule legal pads and exclusive trial note legal pads.

Finally, talk to your coworkers to find out which type of stationery they need. For more guidance, take a look around the rest of our website.

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