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The Kone Pure – No Weighty Matters and Mouse Drag Worries

The Kone Pure gaming mouse by ROCCAT has a nice look with a smooth glossy finish. Users with sweaty palms have no reason to worry about stickiness. Compared to other standard mice, the Kone Pure is a small variant measuring only 6.8cm x 11.5cm x 4cm. Also, at 88 grams, a gamer with small hands will enjoy having it in their palms and feeling its little drag.


On the left side, the Kone Pure features two buttons while the top has the usual right-left click and a scroll wheel. In total, there are seven buttons. If need be, a gamer can use the scroll wheel as a click-button too. The click depth of the buttons is another aspect a gamer will enjoy. Pressing is easy posing no possibility of accidental presses plus the scroll wheel is also light.

Comfort is of essence to a gaming enthusiast. Towards this end, ROCCAT has produced a finely shaped mouse that does not strain the thumb, fingers or palms. However, unlike the case in other gaming mice, the device does not have a rubberized base for the index and little fingers.


Minimalist is the keyword here as the mouse only has a backlit ROCCAT logo printed at the back. Nonetheless, the lighting is an eye-catching experience especially when the colors transit between the entire spectra of the rainbow. For gamers that prefer more sedate illumination, the ROCCAT Swarm software provides room for adjustment; both in style and color choice. Alternatively, one can turn off the light if they consider it a nuisance.


As is customary with gadgets designed by ROCCAT, the Kone Pure also has the Owl-Eye optical sensor feature with sensitivities of up to 12,000 DPI. However, skilled gamers are less likely to get to the highest sensor settings. Most games will still run nicely at between 800 and 2000 DPI. Using a lightweight mouse such as this one means that one does not strain unnecessarily resulting in longer game times.

The Kone Pure mouse has two big feet. The first is at the top, while the second is on the underside. Overall, the feet give a smooth glide across any mousepad. Also, getting replacement for worn out wheels is easy. The good news is that the wheels of the newer Kone Pure are the same as those of the older models.

The software

The Swarm software from ROCCAT has a settings tab where a user can set their desired CPI level; there are five levels. Also, one can set the cursor on Windows directly as well as the sensitivity, scroll and tilt speed. The software has a button assignment tab where users choose which buttons they can assign specific functions. Advanced settings tab allows one to adjust polling rate and sound feedback. Users can also adjust settings for the LED lights here.

The good

  • ROCCAT has done a fine job on the mouse’s design
  • The software works perfectly
  • The Kone Pure has a comfortable palm grip; users with small hands will love the device
  • Its light weight facilitates easy mouse movement
  • The Owl-Eye sensor is an excellent innovation


  • With its size, people with large hands will experience strain and discomfort
  • A braided cable does not augur well with gaming activity

Final thoughts

By all standards, the ROCCAT Kone Pure gamers mouse has a fine shape, though not as good as the Kone EMP. However, the light weight is its strongest feature. By reducing the mouse’s dimensions, the manufacturer has managed to come up with a device that is lighter than other variants. Mice that weigh below 90 grams make playing at low DPI settings convenient. Plus, there is more accuracy achieved. Besides, the buttons have a flawless performance. Whether one opts to use it to scroll or click, the scroll wheel is top-notch either way. Still, beginners will find this mouse an ideal device to hone their skills. Take a quick glance at roccat kone aimo review for a detailed review of a fantastic gaming mouse.


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