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The Good Suspense Or Thriller Movies In Telugu

The Telugu audience loves suspense or thriller movies every time. There is always a demand for these kinds of films among Telugu viewers for a long time. Many films have succeeded in box office status, thereby giving a great life to producers. The best movies to watch online are mostly flooded with thrilling movies that have good demand among viewers. There are plenty of viewers who love watching movies online mainly the suspense thrillers.

Telugu audience has a lot of affection towards watching action laced with thriller movies online. The good thriller movies are dubbed into Telugu now and then. The appropriate steps are made to make changes in the Telugu version to match the expectations of the viewers. Many super hit films of other languages mainly thrilling genres are dubbed for earning revenue easily. Online watching viewers expect many films that are mainly interesting at an affordable cost. The crystal clear quality HD movies have a high demand among viewers in the Telugu industry.

Evaru is a Telugu thriller movie released in the year 2019. The total length of the film running is about 118 minutes. VenkatRamji directed the film and Sricharan scored the music. The story keeps the viewers at the edge of the seat due to tight screenplay and action sequences. The top actors of the film are Adivissesh, Regina, Naveen, and Murali Sharma. The screenplay of the movie is the primary key to the success of the film. The film had a good run at the box office due to the excellent story and direction.

Khaidi is a Telugu action serious drama released in the year 2019. LokeshKanagaraj directed the film and Sam C.S scored the music. Karthi is the lead actor of the story has done an excellent job in the film. The other actors including Naren, Dheena, gorge, and other people, have done wonderfully. The action stunts until the end of the film made people sit at the edge of the sit. The film is earnest without any compromise for commercial elements. The film is a blockbuster in the box office status and received many awards.

Athanokkade is a Telugu thriller movie released in the year 2005. The film was directed by surrender reddy, and Mani Sharma scored the music. The total length of the film duration is 147 minutes. The box office is considered commendable at the time of the release of the film. The opening scene itself proved a strong part of the film involving suspense to the audience. The top actors of the film are Kalyanreddy, SindhuTolani, and AsishiVidyarthi. NandamuriJanaki Ram produced the film under N.T.R. arts

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