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The Brief Guide That Makes Cleaning a Hookah Simple

Do you manage a hookah lounge or have a hookah at home?

Despite the health risks, hookah smoking is gaining popularity in the United States. Its popularity now challenges the traditional tobacco industry.

A hookah gives pleasure to many, but proper maintenance is crucial for maintaining smoke quality. As a beginner, you might not understand the intricacies of this process.

Fortunately, reading our guide can help you get started. Continue for a quick rundown for cleaning and maintaining your hookah.

Start With the Hookah Hose

Prepare your hookah cleaning brushes and a cleaning solution. Disassemble the hookah hose from the base by twisting it gently from side to side. After removing the hose, blow through it to expel any lingering stale smoke.

Rinse the hose with regular tap water. Never use soap or any harsh chemicals since they can damage the parts. Rinse through the hose for 30 seconds and hang it with a towel underneath.

Move to the Smaller Pieces

The challenging part of maintaining your hookah is cleaning the smaller pieces. Disassemble the remaining parts like the hookah vase and the bowl.

Lift the ashtray and remove any coal residue. Cleaning hookah bowls can be tricky, especially if you still have the old foil in place. Run some warm water on the bowl and use your fingers to scrape away the tobacco.

Submerge the bowl in warm water for about 5 minutes before removing it. Rinse the grommets and the release valve using the same water temperature.

Scrub the ashtray and remove caked spots. Rinse with hot water and use steel wool to scrub off the black residue.

Clean the Stem

Put the hookah on the sink and run some water through the hookah stem. Take the stem brush and start scrubbing its interior.

Pull the brush in and out at least ten times. Apply some lemon over the stem and scrub it. Pour half a teaspoon of baking soda into the hookah stem and repeat the scrubbing motion.

Baking soda is the solution for eliminating odors.

Rinse the stem using warm water from a pitcher. Make sure to run it through the release valve and hose port. Once done, let it dry over a clean towel.

Proceed to the Hookah Base

Lastly, clean the base by pouring out any still water inside. Run hot water into the hookah base before running your fingers inside the base’s top. Pour out the water and apply two tablespoons of lemon juice.

Add a teaspoon of baking soda and swirl the base to mix them. Cover the open end with your palm. Swirl it around to allow the baking soda and lemon to fizz.

Take your base scrub and twist it inside. Pour in some hot water until you fill-up the base. Let it sit for an hour before rinsing it.

Make sure to replace damaged pieces. Always buy from trusted suppliers of hookah accessories.

Maintain Your Hookah Now

Now you know how to clean your hookah and maintain a luxurious smoking experience. While also extending the life of the components and keeping everyone happy.

Are you looking for more tips? If so, consider reading our other guides today.

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