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Tell-Tale Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Service

Your vehicles must work properly to ensure you can drive safely. Unfortunately, much like other components in your vehicle, they will not last forever. If you don’t maintain your brakes, it may cause permanent damage to your vehicle, or dangerous situations if the brakes fail while you are driving.

While it may be challenging at times to tell you need brake repairs Hammond LA, there are some signs you can watch for. Keep reading to learn what these signs are.

Screeching Sounds

There are two main components of your brake system, the brake pad, and the brake rotor. When you apply the brakes, the pad is pressed against the rotor. This creates friction on your wheels, slowing you down.

Usually, brake pads are made of ceramic or metal shavings that are held together using resin. They are softer than the brake rotors. When you press the brakes, the pad will begin to show signs of wear. What this means is that you will need to change the pads from time to time. A telltale sign it is time to replace the pads is if you hear a loud screeching sound when you press the brakes.

Poor Response When Pressing the Brake

Have you noticed your brake pedal doesn’t respond as well when you press it? If so, it’s a sign there’s a leak somewhere in the hydraulic system. If this happens, you won’t have good braking performance and the brake may begin to feel “soft” when you press it. This is dangerous because it won’t stop the vehicle effectively.

If you haven’t maintained or repaired your brakes recently – or ever – now is the time to do so. While you can do this yourself, you can also use a professional mechanic who can provide a full inspection to ensure no other issues are present.

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