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Take a Pioneering Adventure to the Continent Below With Antarctica Yacht Rentals

Are you looking to take an adventure to the cold but beautiful continent of Antartica? If so, taking a yacht rental to this continent can deliver an adventure unlike any that you have previously experienced. With accessibility to the continent growing, many are taking this opportunity to explore nature at its purest in a land without permanent residents and towns. Icebergs surround the continent and deliver a shimmering beauty unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Enjoy the South Pole in Luxury on your private yacht. With the comforts of a luxury hotel or residence, an Antarctica yacht rentals comes complete with a crew to ensure you have a luxury experience from each end of the yacht. You will have the ability to decide when and where your yacht goes, as well as how much exploring you plan to do on the ice. Choose to explore the continent on the ice or from the comfort of your yacht. 

Choose Your Route

By taking a private yacht, you have the ability to tour the continent at your leisure. The central benefit of this tour is that it is based on what you desire to see and desire to do. Tour the Antartic Peninsula or Falkland Archipelago. No matter which route you take through the continent, you will find a view of seals, penguins, and birds in their natural habitat. Touring the South Georgia Island will give you a view of all of these animals and the natural beauty of the continent. Consider the types of excursions you plan to take while on your trip and plan your route from there. Experts will be available to assist you with questions and expeditions. If you want to just enjoy the view of the landscape and the animals, there is plenty of places to view.

When You Should Travel

Antartica has its “warmer” season during the months of November to March. To capture the essence of nature in its prime, the month of January brings new life to Penguins, birds, and the seals, as their young are born or hatch during this time. If you are planning on some awesome excursions such as ice trekking or scuba diving, this time of the year make these activities enjoyable because of the warmer temperatures. 

If you are excited to whale watch, you should wait for February or early March to plan your trip, as they are more active during this time period. Also, the young offspring born in January to penguins will be keeping their parents active in their environments. Before booking your trip, decide what it is you are most excited to experience and plan your trip around that event. 

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