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Synthetic Turf Installation: Why You Should Consider It for Your Lawn

Don’t you love green spaces? Well, who doesn’t? However ironic, the Eden Prairie of today resembles more a concrete jungle than flat grasslands. Thankfully, at least you have your lawn to offer you the greenery you crave.

Not so? Perhaps you live in a modest apartment with no space for a grassy lawn, or you find it challenging to maintain natural grass. Since you get the hint of where this is going, invest in synthetic turf installation in Eden Prairie, MN, and get the feel of relaxing in the lap of nature even amidst the city bustle.

Wondering why? This article discusses all the benefits of faux or artificial grass.

It Doesn’t Get Any Greener Than This 

Of course, there are a variety of green shades to choose from, but best believe that the color you select is the color that stays for as long as the turf is in use. Unlike natural grass, whose greenness is subject to the changing seasons, artificial grass retains the same manicured look throughout the year.

If you don’t wish to find dry, withering grass blades around your lawn, it’s best to invest in artificial grass.

It’s Extremely Low-Maintenance 

Real grass may be here today and thrown in the oven tomorrow, as the Good Book says. Nevertheless, it requires real work to maintain it. First, the grass is prone to staining and needs to be pruned periodically.

Then, you need to water it regularly and use fertilizers from time to time to maintain its lush-green look and freshness. You might even need the helping hand of a lawnmower or gardener. All these hassles can be eliminated by investing in artificial grass that only needs to be vacuumed for maintenance.

It Offers Unparalleled Durability 

By that, it means unparalleled durability when compared to real grass. Though it is true that artificial turf will not last a lifetime, it will undoubtedly last longer than several seasons of natural grass, anywhere between five to 15 years.

This depends upon a number of factors, including the quality of the grass turf as well as how well you maintain it.

It’s Highly Versatile 

Synthetic turf installation in Eden Prairie, MN, can be done for spaces of any size, be it a modest balcony, a wider terrace, or an entire lawn. So, even with pets, you can bring much-needed greenery to the interiors.

Plus, there is also a wide range of green shades to choose from.

No Fear of Seasonal Allergies 

Grass is one of the most common reasons for the growing number of seasonal allergies. The symptoms range from a runny nose to itchy eyes and severe coughing.

With artificial grass, there’s no need to fret about such allergens. Enjoy time with your loved ones without worrying about popping allergy pills.

On the Right Side of the Grass

While this is not necessarily a benefit of artificial turf, the rising drought-like conditions of Minnesota are a menace that further makes the use of faux grass logical and practical. Instead of laboring hard to maintain real grass under such tough conditions, enjoy the benefits of the same with artificial turf installation.

Some factors to keep in mind while choosing the ideal faux grass for your needs are to question the supplier regarding the yarn, density, pile height, infill, backing, and face weight. Then, seal the deal with the color of your choice!

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