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Selecting A Caterer For Your Event? Here’s How To Compare Catering Quotes

Having a dependable caterer when hosting an event is highly beneficial.caterers Chantilly VA are experienced and fully-equipped to provide meals and beverages to various types of event.

When hiring a catering company, you have to have an allocated budget for it. And like what most event hosts and organizers want — maximizing their budget and not going overboard is an ideal situation. This where comparing catering quotes come into the picture.

The question is: How do you select the most cost-effective catering package for your next event?

Factors affecting catering costs

The cost of a catering package offered by caterers Chantilly VA is affected by several factors, the most typical of which are:

The number of guests. Generally speaking, the lower the number of your attendees are, the more costly it is to hire a caterer. Catering companies typically offer discounts for larger groups. It will be more costly for caterers to prepare meals for lesser people.

Catering style. Different catering styles (buffet, action stations, passed, or plated/served) require different culinary skills, staffing, and setup. Hence, caterers charge different prices for each style, and the price tag can go up especially when you combine two or more catering options.

Inclusion of beverages. Some caterers offer beverages in their initial packages. However, there are also those that offer them as an add-on that needs to be paid on top of the original catering-service rate.

Location and duration of the event. The longer your event, the greater is the need to provide more meals and drinks. Also, if the location of the event is farther than your caterer’s headquarters, they can also charge more to cover logistics and transportation expenses.

Choosing the best catering quote

Caterers Chantilly VA typically have pre-made proposals and packages. However, they can modify depending on the event and on your needs and preferences. Once your prospective caterers send in their respective quotes, you now have to choose which one will suit your needs best. Here are some tips on how to pick one:

Ask around. The people within your circle are the most reliable source of information about catering packages. As they experienced first-hand their recommended caterer’s services?m, they can give you the guarantee that you are actually paying the right price.

Go through the proposal carefully. Once you narrow down your prospective caterers and have gathered initial proposals from them, you have to be diligent in reading the quotes they have submitted. Identify the key differences and carefully weigh the perks and advantages they offer.

Check the services included in their offer. From the menu to the add-ons and extras, you have to take note if everything you need with regards to catering-related concerns is covered by their proposal. Some event organizers make the mistake of not paying attention to the details of the contract, causing them huge additional expenses in the process.

Know the mode and terms of payment. Speaking of expenses, you have to be thorough as well when it comes to payment terms. How much is the down payment? When should you pay the remaining? Are there any hidden fees like sales tax or gratuity to service staff? Be strict and don’t be hesitant to clarify or bring up and concern.

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