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Real money Canada casino: is this kind of gambling legal?

Playing slots, blackjack, roulette and other games for money online isn’t allowed in some countries. Canada also has some legal restrictions, but they regulate only the activity of companies and not individual players. Let’s take a closer look on real money Canada casino gambling and its legal status in the country here

Can you play online in real money Canadian casino?

Here are the most important things you should know about gambling in the country:

The law prohibits companies to operate web casinos that are based on Canadian territory.

Gamblers are free to visit any real money Canadian casino that is based offshore and accepts Canadians.

Some provinces have legalized land-based casinos.

Your wins in the web casino won’t be taxable unless they’re considered as regular business activity.

One more interesting thing to mention is the status of Kahnawake region. Technically, it’s the territory of the country, but it’s considered as an independent entity (Indian reservation). This region has legalized gambling and many gambling websites are licensed by Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

How to choose a good casino in Canada

As it was explained earlier, you can choose only offshore websites. Follow this tips to do that:

Make sure Canadians are accepted.

Check whether the casino is licensed by any legal authority.

Read some reviews and users’ feedback.

Find out what bonuses are available.

Check if the casino has the games you like to play.

Learn their deposit and withdrawal policy.

When you play for money, it’s crucial to choose a good money transfer method that will be convenient to use. It should also has low commission for payments an allow you to transfer as much money as you want. Here are the most popular options in the country:






American Epress;


Before you start playing in any real money Canadian casino, it’ll be wise to try free games first. This will help you find the games you like and learn the rules. You’ll also have a chance to practice and develop your own strategy. When you are ready for real bets, don’t rush. Start with the small amounts of money and increase the sums of deposits slowly, if required.

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