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Preserve Your Loved Ones’ Precious Memories

Losing one’s memory is a disturbing experience for victims of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. It’s no less traumatic for caregivers, who find themselves helpless onlookers to the ravages of mental decline in those who had served as solid fixtures in their lives. While you might temporarily keep this process under control, when the time of crisis comes, consider entrusting your loved ones into the custody of a dedicated memory care Denver institution.

Professional Staff

As much as we may want to manage every aspect of their care, our other responsibilities can prevent us from giving our loved ones the level of attention they truly need. A specialized facility has personnel whose entire job is providing patients with support and resources to maintain their mental faculties for as long as possible. Furthermore, a good memory care ward will have enough staff to be acquainted with each patient’s specific circumstances. They’ll know which assisted living duties must be done for which patients and, just as importantly, which tasks patients can still perform for themselves. A sustained sense of independence gives dementia sufferers the confidence they need to continue resisting their condition.

Safety Precautions

Brain changes caused by dementia make many patients a danger to themselves and others. Superior memory care homes are specially equipped to handle safety concerns for clients across the spectrum of senility. Physically, units are suitably open to give active patrons room to roam, but also adequately secured with alarms, locks, gates and guardrails to prevent patients from leaving or hurting themselves. At the same time, trained staff discretely monitor your loved ones for signs of distress, ensure they receive prescribed medications, aid them in any activity they wish and alleviate anxiety as needed.

Therapeutic Pursuits

Scientific evidence shows that minds engaged in meaningful occupations function better for longer. Any memory care unit worth the money boasts a strong therapy program and a full schedule of activities designed to focus the mind. Depending on the severity of their state, patrons’ pastimes could consist of participation in light exercise, solving puzzles, playing games, reading books, or simply socializing with fellow residents. Therapies geared toward preserving a patient’s sense of self include reminiscence therapy to trigger positive preexisting memories in mild to moderate cases, and methods such as music therapy to soothe or stimulate clients with more acute symptoms. A balanced combination of structured therapy sessions and opportunities for free recreational diversions works in tandem to maintain a nimble mind.

Dealing with dementia is hard on all involved parties. When you’re out of options, let local memory care experts take over. Everyone will benefit in the end.

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