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Your one sure bet as a student is portacool air cooler, it comes in various sizes and at very affordable prices you can get anywhere even on online stores. As a student, you find out your room is usually stuffy and hot when it’s summer and it is becoming so difficult for you to study and do other things in your room with comfort despite the fact that your fans are still working but sometimes you find out they blow hot air and you are getting frustrated already it is normal and okay for you to be because your room is supposed to be a haven of peace and tranquility with so much fresh air and not a heated oven at all times. You hope to get an air conditioner but you can’t just afford the price and you can’t afford the price for its installation after all you are only a student. You will want to check out another option that is very much affordable and very much effective in cooling your room space.

Why you should get an air cooler? As a student, you should get an air cooler because it is very affordable unlike the air conditioner and other cooling device, for example, there are air coolers that cost less than $500 which you as a student can save up and get within a short period and it gets to serve you for a very long time. It is very portable, one good thing about air coolers is that they come in various sizes but all have one common feature which is wheels for movement, portacool air cooler have wheels that makes it very easy for you to move them from the point of purchase to your hostel or home and it is also easier for you to move it in case you get another apartment when you are through school. Air cooler will make your room as cool as when you are using an air conditioner despite the fact that it is very affordable, all you need is to do is to fill up the water tank and you are good to go.

 As a student another reason why you should get an air cooler is despite the fact that you are getting your room cool at all times you are exposed to fresh air which is best for you, when using it, your windows are expected to be opened and you can enjoy the natural air which is already made cooler and fresher by portacool air cooler.

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