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Pearls Get Their Exotic Color Naturally from the Host and Environment

Pearls are not only available in white color, as we used to remember seeing our mothers wearing their ancestral single strand necklace. It is also available in various different colors which are beyond our imagination. Pearl industry isn’t limited but as expanded in China, US, Australia, Indonesia, Japan etc. Now there are pearl farmers available everywhere because of excessive demand.

Natural pearls are limited since not all oysters produce pearls for the user; therefore pearl companies ensure that they produce maximum number of pearls to cover demand. However, as discussed above, pearls aren’t just confined to one color, white. Different oysters produce different colors of pearls. Also, the environment and quality of water plays a major role in changing the overtone. For example, black lip oyster produces only black pearls that are called Tahitian pearls.

Thus, different styles and patterns are always in demand. If you are one person who believes in variety and is fond of pearl in various shades and shapes, then go here at PearlsOnly website to check, list of accessories available in the store exclusively for you. They brought revolution in the pearl industry by being the first e-commerce website that was formed in 2003.

Pearl’s color mostly depends upon its nacre thickness. Nacre is a fluid that is excreted by oyster or mollusk to protect itself from the irritant. This fluid is transparent and number of nacre layers forms a pearl. It is also said that nacre plays major role in luster and shape. Hence when nacre thickness is good luster will also be more.

Here is the list of various shades of pearls available in market. Most pearls are dyed to provide desired colors which can be easily identified, but naturally dyed pearls are listed below –

  • The most commonly used pearls are white in color which is also known as Akoya pearls. These are naturally occurring pearls which are later treated with different overtones like pink, golden etc.
  • The most exclusive and expensive pearl is the black or Tahitian pearl. This is obtained only through the black lip oyster which is quite bigger in size, thus you can very well imagine the size of pearl as well.
  • Golden South Sea pearl stones are exceptional and expensive than any other pearl in the market. They have their own special yellow and golden tone.

Freshwater pearls are available in pink and lavender overtones too. No matter what shade you like, is all available in the stores now. Even if some shades don’t occur naturally, then pearls are treated accordingly.

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