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Luxury Car Rental: 4 Top Considerations to Keep in Mind

Renting a car for a trip is always an exciting experience, but even more so when it’s a luxury car rental.

Why experience a new city in anything less than the best? While on vacation, you’re supposed to live it up in luxury, and it’s a great time to take advantage of various car rental services.

However, there are some things you should keep in mind before renting a luxury vehicle.

What are those, you may ask? Keep reading to find out.

1. Get a Model Guarantee

If you’re deciding to search for a “luxury car rental near me,” you most likely have a model in mind that you’d like to book.

Nothing is worse than booking a specific model, only to show up and receive a different model or one that is getting passed off as the one you booked.

To avoid this, ensure the rental service provides you with a model guarantee. While there is still a chance or a mix-up, this helps to prevent most mishaps.

2. Always Reserve Ahead of Time

While you may like to be spontaneous as you rent your luxury car rental in Las Vegas, it’s wise to reserve ahead of time instead, such as on this page.

If you have a particular price you need to stick to, or you have a certain itinerary you will follow, reserving ahead of time will allow you to choose the car that will suit all of your needs.

If you don’t, you’ll end up with whatever the rental service has in stock at that time, which could be quite costly.

3. Know Your Coverage

Regardless if you’re looking for expensive or cheap luxury car rentals, you’ll want to confirm your coverage ahead of time.

Most luxury car rentals require a significant deposit, so to ensure your money is protected, check to see what your travel insurance covers.

Most insurance policies will include rental cars to a certain limit, so it’s also wise to consult with your credit card company to see if this insurance would cover any damages.

4. Avoid Half Days

Most rental car companies charge per 24 hours, regardless if you use the full 24 hours. The difference with luxury rental car companies is the price, which is usually much higher.

Avoid paying more by ensuring that you’ll use the car for the full 24 hours. If you need to be picked up from an airport but won’t actually be traveling around the city until the next day, choose a carshare service instead of your luxury rental car.

It’s Never a Bad Time for a Luxury Car Rental

Using a luxury car rental is always a good idea, especially while you’re on vacation or traveling. Just make sure to use the above tips to avoid any problems with your rental, and you can get on with living in luxury!

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