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Long List of Advantages for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has many advantages. We therefore believe that everyone with a website should immerse themselves in the wonderful world of search engine optimization. Website visitors are the foundation of a successful online business. SEO helps with this.

SEO is the optimization of your website with the aim of being found better in the search engine. In addition to SEO, you can of course also choose other ways to bring in website visitors, Google Ads, Social media, influencer marketing, email marketing and affiliate programs.

Then why would you choose the time consuming “SEO”?

In short: SEO is the basis for sustainable growth with the highest ROI (return on investment) of all marketing channels.

Curious about all the benefits of SEO?

  • SEO advantage ADS
  • Benefits of SEO
  • No budget restriction
  • Also visible with long tail keywords
  • Higher CTR
  • Low costs
  • More relevant website traffic
  • Durability
  • Visible in all search engines
  • Anyone can start with SEO
  • Number 1 organic instills confidence
  • Competition
  • Provide added value
  • Achieve different search intentions
  • SEO creates new opportunities
  • Local targeting
  • Highest ROI of all marketing channels
  • Findable images
  • Less errors on your website

No budget restriction

SEO has no budget constraints. If you achieve the desired organic top 3 positions, you will always be visible. That is not dependent on a budget. Many advertisers have a daily budget. If you advertise and your daily budget is used up, you will no longer be visible. In busy months, this ensures that you do not get the most out of your website.

Also visible with long tail keywords

Longtail keywords are queries that are longer than three words. With SEO it is possible to process many long tail keywords in the content. This is a lot more difficult with advertisements. Most long tail keywords are informative and therefore less interesting to advertise. By incorporating many long tail variants of your keywords in your texts, it is possible to get more website visits.

This is not to say that it is not possible with advertisements. It’s just a lot more difficult. Using broad search terms, you have to show the advertisements very precisely for the correct search terms. You really need to be a master in Google Ads for this. You don’t have this problem with SEO.

You can include enough variations with the desired keyword in the content you write. Your search volume will increase enormously.

Higher CTR

If you reach the number one position through a correct SEO strategy, you will achieve the highest possible CTR. Many people no longer click on ads these days. The number 1 organic position achieves 30% of search traffic within. The number 2 averages 15% and the number 3 around 7%. The rest of this CTR is split between positions 4-10 (about 12%) and the ads (about 36%).

Low costs

SEO, of course, is not cheap. When you can do everything yourself, it is free. Nevertheless, in practice it turns out that you do need to be knowledgeable. Without this knowledge you waste your effort and it is a waste of time.


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