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Introduction of Electronic Toll Collecting System in India

Technology has been making life easier ever since it came into conscience of human being.  Technology has helped in developing the major aspects of life. One can now easily converse with anyone, without having to wait for the reply for days. One can go place to place conveniently and fast. It has become a huge part of present and the foreseeable future. In this age of information, technology is the most trusted source of knowledge. Technology makes one’s life easier and better. It has made transportation easier and better for mankind. The options of transportation that were once a dream are now more of a reality because of technological advancements in the field.

One of the most remarkable technological advancement in the field of transportation was when Electronic Toll Collection System came into existence. In 1959, William Vickery, Nobel Laureate for Economics, proposed the system of electronic toll collecting system. In year 1986, Electronic Toll Collecting System was first introduced in Bergen and in year 1991, Trondheim introduced the world’s first unaided full speed electronic tolling. Thereby, Norway became world’s pioneer in the widespread implementation of the Electronic Toll Collecting system.  Now, most of the countries makes use of the technology, and have their own Electronic Toll collecting System.

In India, FASTag is the electronic toll collecting system. It was launched by the Indian Govt. of 2014 and operated by National Highway Authorities of India (NHAI) ever since. The system was first set up on the stretch of Golden Quadrilateral between Mumbai and Ahmedabad as a pilot project. Since it was found that the project is actually beneficial, the National Highway Authorities of India started using it. After success on the pilot project, the Electronic Toll Collecting system was installed on the Delhi-Mumbai arm of the Quadrilateral (Golden Quadrilateral), Chennai-Bengaluru stretch of the Quadrilateral and after that on all 370 toll plazas. It was later become necessary for automobile marketers and manufacturers to install the FASTag device on every four wheeler.

Using FASTag is considered to be more convenient and a better option. It is considered that it not only reduces the hassle of payment at the toll plazas, but it also saves one’s time; as they don’t have to stop for the toll tax. It has a refundable fee of Rs. 200 at one time and the amount can be paid through either saving account or prepaid account. The transactions are secured and trusted, as one gets notification of their toll tax deduction from the account being successfully done. After they go through the Electronic Toll Collecting System, one also gets notification, if their balance is low. FASTag has a validity of 5 years. It also offered the 10 percent cash back on all Toll payments in year 2016 and 2017. One can recharge their FASTag online through their Credit Card / Debit Card / NEFT / RTGS or Net banking. They have also opened an online portal for customers, so that they can be informed about the technology, their account, and validity. Also, it helps them to recharge it.

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