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Insights on Giving Perfect Foundation to the Website Considering SEO

When designing the mockup of a website, it is important for the professionals to consider the fact that they are doing it for both search engines and human users. As a result, they cannot take the functionality of their website for granted over its aesthetics and the vice versa.

Now, web designing and technical SEO go hand in hand. Those days are gone when hitting keywords were enough to achieve higher organic ranking. Now, you have to keep several things in mind in order to design a beautiful webpage that search engines will also love.

Check out here the top 3 SEO-friendly web designing tips that designers should follow when making the mockup of a site in 2018. It will help them to build the perfect foundation for a website. As a result, it will be easier for business to achieve marketing goals faster.

SEO for Images

Designers often use HD images on their website in order to make it astonishing. Meanwhile, they also end up making the web page bulkier. As a result, the website takes time to load and it directly affects the UX. Here it is important to understand that Google has clearly mentioned the fact that they will consider the load speed of a website as an important ranking factor.

So, if your site takes time to load then chances are very high Google will penalize your website. Due to this reason, designers are always suggested to use light images on their website. It will not make their website bulkier and enable it to load faster.

Apart from that they also have to use ALT tags with all the images that they will use on their sites. Google bots or other search engine crawlers can’t check the content of an image unless you tell them about it by using an ALT tag. It will help search engines to index your website in a better way. You can consider using the target keyword as the ALT tag.

Add Social Media Buttons on the Website

It is a proven fact that search engines value the social presence of a website (brand / business).  In fact, the social signals are considered as one of the most important off-page SEO metrics that directly boost the ranking of a website organically offered by SEO agency.

When you integrate the social media buttons of your brand into your website, you also give your potential customers an opportunity to find out more about your business. If you have an influential social media presence then it will also help you with lead conversions.

Careful Uses of JavaScript

Open up any web design FAQs page and you will find the following question for sure, does using JS application program interface make a website slow? Well, the answer to this question is “no” but there are some issues related to the overuses of JavaScript.

If you use too much of JS in your website then it will be difficult for search engines to crawl your site and indexing it. As a result you will face serious issues in achieving organic ranking.  So, it is always suggested to use JavaScript carefully when designing a website.

So, these are the three SEO-friendly web designing tips that you need to follow in order to give your website a perfect foundation that search engines will love for sure. It would be great if you can seek help from professional SEO agency to make the most of it. Please come up with your valuable insights regarding the discussion below in the comment section to make the most of it.

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