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How To Use The Chat Option Effectively And Improve Poker Game

The chat rooms of online poker games have become commonplace. During any stage of the game, players have the option to chat and to pass comment on their hands and also on the opponents. This is a very good feature as you will not be bored or be tensed. On the other hand, it is one of the biggest mistakes especially committed by the new players. New players tend to overuse the chat function while playing in the table.

A player needs to understand the unwritten rules that exist within the poker games. Violating these unsaid rules will distract the playoff run the game. Prove that the chat function offers a lot of valuable information on your opponents. But if the player wants to improve the game it is very important to control the chat and concentrate on the game instead.

Dominoqq has a chat feature on the website. More than just giving the chat option, it also explains how to use the chat option effectively. Five basic principles are to be taken seriously by the players to immediately improve the game.


It is wise not to criticize your opponent’s using Chat functions. If you criticize your opponent, you are indirectly giving information about the best tactics that can be used in the table. Your criticism will tend to hit your bankroll. Sometimes you can see that players become more focused and aggressive at the table in the response of your criticism. This behavior is hard to recognize and it will give you a lot of troubles.

Mid hand chats

Dominoqq website does not recommend to chat in between the game. A professional poker player will focus on his hand and the beating patterns of the opponents. If you are chatting during the middle of a hand, it gives a clear indication that you are an inexperienced player. More experienced players find this to be the most valuable information and they will make you lose your valuable hands.

Capital letters

One simple rule which you have to follow is to not use capital letters. This is the same rule followed in the communication etiquettes which you apply on mail. You have to chat without using every letter to be capital letters. All capital letters are equal to shouting.


It is very important to mind your language. Keep in mind that you should not use obscene, profane, or abusive language. It will never be tolerated by your fellow players and you will be losing your account. The site may take action and you will be suspended. When you are using that language, you reveal that you are losing your goal and your temper. Most experienced players will take this as a chance to capitalize and you can see yourself losing every other hand.

Chat emotes

There are many sites like dominoqq which gives the player the ability to use the chat emotes at the table. They are very useful as they can give you information about your opponents. This option adds to the complete enjoyment factor of the game. These features are amusing and they’re capable enough to distract the players. If you overuse them you will be distracted and can have only fun but not on money.

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