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How To Upgrade Your Home for Protection Against Future Storms

Storms are an expected occurrence when you live in Florida, and some of them can be powerful. From gale-force winds to deep water floods, your home can experience damage above and below the ground. Here are just some of the ways you can upgrade your home to protect it against future storms.


Powerful winds can pick loose items from your yard and hurtle them against your home like bullets. The thin panes of glass in your windows can shatter even if a small projectile hits. Upgrade your home with impact resistant windows West Palm Beach to protect your personal property.


When storms strike, doors can unlatch and let the inclement weather enter your home. To protect your house’s interior, update your entry doors with fiberglass, steel-plated, or heavy wooden security doors. Consider securing the entryways with deadbolts to further strengthen the entrances.


To further protect windows during heavy storms, updating shutters can save yearly window replacements after torrential weather. You can choose from hurricane, rolling, and panel shutters to protect your home. The storm shutters also come in different materials, including wood, steel, and polycarbonate plastics. Contact a window company to locate the best shutters for your house’s protection.


Storms can rip and tear at your home’s roofing fabric until pieces are sent flying. Once the roof is damaged, water can seep into the underlayment and into your attic, causing water damage and possible mold colony growth. Since bad weather conditions can last for weeks, at the first sign of damage or problems, contact a roofing service to tarp your home to keep it safe from further water damage. Also, ask about replacing the roof.

Florida storms are a fact of life, but you can fight back. After a storm strikes your home, protect your property from further damage by using the tips above. From upgraded windows to stronger front doors, there are steps you can take to protect your possessions.

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