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How To Choose Eyeglass Frames

Eyeglasses are an accessory that can radically change the perception of the face. It is important to know how to choose them well. Knowing how to recognize one’s face shape is very important when choosing eyeglass frames.

Eyeglasses are worn all day, so it is of fundamental importance to get it right as regards shape and style. This can greatly improve your image and perception of the face. The glasses have the power to rejuvenate, to wear down the face or to make it more sophisticated and beautiful if you know how to choose them.

Every face shape has a model of ideal frames that fit perfectly and balance some lines that need to be harmonized. If you have an oval face, you are really lucky. It is the most harmonious of all face shapes, so you can afford many types of frames. The ideal frame is rectangular of medium height (and not low), with rounded corners.

If you have an oblong face, it means that it is very narrow. You have to pay attention to the width of the frames, which for you is of vital importance because if the frame is mounted it’s too wide compared to the edge of your temples. Once this measure is kept under control, the ideal shape for you is that which can be traced.

If your face is not too small, you can also afford a fairly thick frame, but if your face is small it is better to opt for a thin frame with a medium lens since you have plenty of space to fill vertically. Rounded lines always work better than those that are too square because the oblong face is a bit rectangular, has flat cheekbones, and needs soft elements.

Key considerations

If you have a round face you have to be careful not to steal too much space with large frames, and not to overdo it with shapes that are too round, because they would further accentuate the chubby face. The goal for a round face is to make it more elongated and thin, and glasses can help you.

Square or rectangular shapes work well, with elongated and accentuated points. Attention also to the height of the glasses because the round face is short in height, so it takes a medium-low lens so that you do not take much space on the cheeks.

If you have a square face, the goal is to soften it and make it sweeter and more graceful. For you glasses are essential because they can introduce an element of roundness into your face that dampens the jaw squaring.

The ideal glasses for you are round in shape, above and below, and the frame is better than medium-thin, because a very thick and thick frame could further harden the lines. Attention also to the option of perfectly round glasses, it is true that they are of great tendency, but on a very squared face they could make to perceive still more, for contrast, the squared features.

Face shape

If you have a triangular or heart-shaped face, the ideal eyewear is a little cat or butterfly. You can choose how much to push yourself in the shape: the tips can be more or less accentuated, and also the height of the glasses and its thickness can vary without creating many problems.

This face develops in height and therefore has enough space to accommodate a medium-high lens. Cat eyewear is among the most attractive and feminine, we recommend you try it that you can wear it so well.

If you have a diamond face, a bit like Sofia Loren, with pronounced and protruding cheekbones, a receding jaw and a narrow forehead that shrinks, the ideal form of glasses is the cat shape, like the triangular face. This is nvital when choosing eyeglass frames.

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