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How Solar Power Housing Societies Are Creating A Self-Sufficient Energy System: A Guide

The solar power sector in India is making steady progress toward becoming more established. According to research conducted by British Business Energy, India now holds the third spot worldwide for the amount of capital invested in renewable energy sources.

By planning the installation of 100 gigawatts worth of grid-connected solar power plants by 2022, the Government of India intends to position India as a global leader in solar energy.

Now, living in elite apartment buildings means having access to different kinds of facilities that you will need to make the experience comfortable, and obtaining access to continuous power is classified as being one of the amenities that you have access to when you live in an exclusive apartment complex. On the other hand, did you know that apartment buildings often use an exceptionally high quantity of power on a daily basis?

In spite of the fact that we are unable to overlook the fact that the conventional techniques of generating power are solely harmful to the environment, let us not forget the expenditure that is incurred on an annual basis as a result of these methods.

Benefits of solar power housing for societies

Solar power is not only clean and sustainable, but it’s also completely free! Solar power not only enables communities to cut their carbon footprint by a large amount, but it also enables them to cut their electricity costs by as much as forty percent.

Solar power housing by solarsquare system installation requires relatively little initial investment and is very simple and cost-effective to maintain afterward. This is an additional benefit of using solar panels. One such example is the significant amount of money that a small number of residential complexes in metropolitan areas such as Mumbai and Bengaluru have been able to save on their monthly electricity costs after switching to solar energy.

Solar power housing society benefits?

Solar energy provides a cost-free and environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional, potentially harmful technique of generating electricity. Solar energy is quickly becoming the primary source of electricity in many nations throughout the world because of the widespread concern for the well-being of their local communities. It makes a significant dent in the amount of carbon output while also saving around half of the expenditures.

Contrary to what many people believe, installing a solar panel is not only quite simple, but it also does not require a significant investment of money. Due to the substantial nature of the advantages, the government provides financial assistance to private buyers in order to facilitate the acquisition of social, residential, and institutional properties. This is an investment for the long term, but there is a good chance that the money will be returned to you within four to five years.

The assistance provided by the government

Installing solar panels on rooftops is encouraged by the Indian government, which provides financial incentives in the form of subsidy programs. When residential flats install solar systems that are connected to the grid, they are eligible for this subsidy, which allows them to get financial support. Don’t overlook the need to confirm the specifics of this subsidy with your connecting partner.


Solar power housing is a sustainable and renewable source of energy. Sunlight will always be available, in contrast to other energy sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas, which will ultimately deplete. The fact that there is no emission of greenhouse gasses is the icing on the cake, as this indicates that it is not harmful to the environment.

Increased Market Value of the Property

The addition of solar panels to a home is considered an improvement, much like remodeling the kitchen or finishing the basement, and as a result, investing in a solar energy system is likely to result in a rise in the value of the home.


With the increasing adaptability of solar power, the solar power housing societies are on the move to get more power with time. So you must start looking for such an investment from now on. 

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