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How Does the Disney Vacation Club Work? A Basic Guide

The magic of visiting Disney World creates a lifetime of memories you won’t forget. If you are frequently going to Disney World resorts, you may want to consider delving deeper into your vacation planning through the Disney Vacation Club or DVC.

If the DVC is new to you, read on to answer, “How does the Disney Vacation Club work”? Learn what it is and what you need to know as you consider your options and whether or not DVC is best for your family.

What Is The Disney Vacation Club?

The Disney Vacation Club is a timeshare program covering fourteen Disney resorts or DVC locations.

In a traditional timeshare program, owners commit to paying annually for their right to specific resort accommodations.

DVC operates a bit differently than a traditional timeshare. Members purchase their ownership interest to join the club through a point system.

How Does The Disney Vacation Club Work?

Using a point system, the Disney Vacation Club gives members flexible use of their points at DVC resorts.

Club members purchase a specific number of vacation points to use at any point during the year at Disney Vacation Club rentals. You buy these points at the initial contract, and you have the same number of points each year to use toward your DVC accommodations.

Each DVC resort and specific accommodations will have different point values. With a point chart, owners can see what their purchased points will equate to in their vacation planning.

Cost And Fees

Pricing for becoming a DVC member depends on the method of purchasing your points, how many points you buy, and the fees associated with your membership.

When buying directly from Disney there is a minimum of 100 points you need to purchase. If you buy points through resale, you have no point purchase minimum, and you will likely save money on your initial purchase.

If you finance your membership purchase, you will have interest charges on top of DVC annual dues per the resort chosen.

As your interest and needs grow, you may choose to add points to your membership after that initial purchase.

Selling Your Membership

Life situations come up, and it may not be financially feasible to continue your membership, or you find that you are less interested in making annual Disney trips.

Should you need to sell your DVC membership, you can work with a professional to ensure you receive the best contract and sale time possible. They will market your listing and walk you through each stage of the process.

Become A Pro In Going To Disney World

If you are a frequent Disney visitor and want to make the most of your travel planning, cost, and benefits, you may consider becoming a DVC member.

As you wondered, “How does the Disney Vacation Club work?” you now have a short guide to understanding the basics of what it is and how it may work for you.

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