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How Do I Unlock My Psychic Powers?

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To unlock psychic powers, you cannot have any fear, doubt, or disbelief towards it. You need genuine faith and psychic discipline to be able to unlock that next level of consciousness. This is a time-tested truth, and all real psychics will tell you this. If you don’t believe me you can read this, or you can also ask a psychic about that.

Secondly, to truly be able to unlock your psychic powers, you need to continuously immerse yourself in books, videos, or any other form of documented enlightenment.

The medium doesn’t really matter, but I find it to be extremely “eye-opning” to study the material of those who succeeded in unlocking their psychic abilities.

Studying the beaten path of those who attained a higher level of clarity before you, gives you an unfair advantage in the knowledge and confidence needed to experience supernatural greatness yourself.

Personally, I recommend reading everything you can get your hands on that sheds light on the psychic ability unlocking process. A good start would be this guide. It will be a huge eye opener for many – including yourself – and I always recommend people start with that one.

It is a solid foundation to start out from and also comes with some relevant other reads so, definitely worth every penny in my opinion.

Impossible to Unlock?

Psychic powers are most definitely not a gift beyond your reach, but as I hinted at before, it is a gift that is earned through rigorous study. Which is perhaps why some people dread the idea of deciphering the code of the universe; they conclude that it is meant only for God and angels, but nothing could be further from the truth.

If it was only for the Almighty, human beings would have never been able to attain psychic skills, powers, or enlightenment – and yet they do everyday.

Furthermore, some people have gone to the extreme of naming it an ‘Act of the Devil’. How ludicrous is that! In all my years of dealing in the wonderful realm of the supernatural, I have never heard that it was used to hurt anybody. It just doesn’t work that way!

In honest truth (permit me that tautology for the sake of emphasis) psychic power is a gift from God Himself. And if no man avails himself of this divine opportunity, he will be declining God’s own blessing upon his life and the life of the people around him.

Unlocking Psychic Powers

How Can I Unlock My Psychic Powers & Abilities?

Also, you can unlock your psychic powers by welcoming all that you see, whether it comes as a premonition or a dream. They can come in a fleeting glance, but you must make conscious effort to hold on to it.

In a case that it seems hard to understand your impulses, emotions and visions, take a break and meditate upon it. Constant meditation and stubbornness to not let these phenomena escape is the key to gradually unlocking your psychic powers.

It has been a long time I first came abreast with the spiritual happenings, and I have a vague memory about my first revelation. But I knew that it came to me as a child telling me stories.

I am not sure if it was a dream while I was asleep or just a vision while the sun was up, but I knew that what the child says always seem to come to pass. It might not be like exact narration of the child’s story, but it always seems very related.

At first, I always have a feeling of déjàvu when the stories come to pass. But later on I harnessed it by meditating on it as it starts to reveal itself. And with time I fully unlocked my psychic powers.


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