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How Cirrus aircraft enhances business?

Mike Neil started slow and steady with aviation and took his time becoming a pilot. He wanted to make sure he would be safe in the air. Mike was in no hurry to fly, until he flew in Cirrus. He might not have been able to buy an aircraft of his own, but that little obstacle did not stop him from following his dreams. Mike did what any reasonable person would do. He took a calculated risk and put his business on the line. Some called him crazy, but Mike’s company doubled in size in just a year and a half. Mike’s desire for a Cirrus Aviation not only became an option, but with the expansion of his business, having an aircraft was a necessity. Mike admits, his business would have not succeeded the way it did without his Cirrus. Mike’s dream came true when he purchased a beautiful, imperial red Generation 3 SR22 Cirrus Aircraft. His business continued to flourish and grow with the nurturing of his aviation passion.

Mike was flying 250-300 hours per year just for business, so as an avid flyer and cirrus enthusiast, he purchased another aircraft, a brand new generation 5 SR22T GTS carbon in Corso Red. What started out as dream and a business need for Mike has become even more. Though, Mike cannot revel enough in the fact that owning a Cirrus Aviation helped shaped his way to success, and he has even bigger dreams for the future. Their company is doing even better than they had participated this year, and now they are fantasizing about a vision SF50 jet. Cirrus allowed him to travel and work throughout California going wherever he needed to go and he would have never dreamed about being able to work outside the San Francisco Bay area.  


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