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Finer Virtues for the Interior Designing

The ceramic worktop has only recently made its appearance in the kitchen, but has been enthusiastically welcomed by its natural, rugged appearance. Ceramic is heat, stain and scratch resistant and can be combined perfectly with other materials. The downside of ceramic countertops is that you have to pay attention with heavy or sharp objects. If they fall hard on the work surface, a crack may occur. The use of the top interior design firm is important here.

Ceramic countertops

Glass is a fairly new product when it comes to countertops. You will find it mainly in modern kitchen with attention to design. It is made from industrially tempered glass, making it waterproof, scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. A kitchen countertop is used all the time and on glass countertops you can see every greasy finger, every spilled drop. In addition, the material is brittle at the edges, which means that shatters or sharp edges can form over time. The price is very dependent on the quality and varies between $ 120 and $ 700. Glass provides an exclusive and luxurious appearance.

Glass work surface – kitchen

With a polished concrete worktop, your kitchen immediately gets a modern, industrial look. Concrete is hard, smooth, durable and heat resistant. Polishing the concrete makes it less susceptible to stains and makes it a maintenance-friendly choice. Moreover, concrete kitchen worktops are cheap, the price varies between $ 200 and $ 400 per square meter. It is a very heavy material that can cause damage to your kitchen cabinets. Concrete is not often chosen in the kitchen because the blade can break faster. Read all about the pros and cons in the article ‘ A kitchen countertop in concrete ‘.

Concrete worktops for the kitchen

A plastic countertop is available in a thousand and one varieties so that you can fully tailor it to your own taste. Plastic usually consists of two layers. The bottom layer consists of plywood. A wafer-thin layer of laminate is applied above so that the worktop is scratch-resistant. The biggest plus point of plastic is the cost price. The price of such countertops varies between $ 80 and $ 100 the current meter. However, the work surface is not heat-resistant and cheap imitations do not always look good.

Plastic kitchen worktops

The new Dekton material consists of a mixture of glass, quartz and porcelain. The result is a hard and waterproof material suitable for work surfaces. Dekton has the same natural look as natural stone but is not porous and therefore more resistant to stains. The worksheets in Dekton are heat, scratch and stain resistant. More details about this advanced material can be found in the article ‘ Kitchen worktop in Dekton ‘. The biggest disadvantage is the price. Dekton is one of the most expensive materials for manufacturing a work surface. It varies between $ 300 and $ 400.

Kitchen worktop dekton

The ideal height for a kitchen worktop is between 90 and 95 cm. You can of course also adjust the height to the person who works the most in the kitchen. You can choose the thickness of the work surface yourself. The minimum thickness for most materials will be +/- 3 cm. Heavier materials such as granite require sufficient support if you opt for a thicker version.

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