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Features of a Genuine Online Casino

The large number of online gambling Malaysia sites can make it hard to choose the right online casino for your gambling needs. This proliferation of online casinos has occurred primarily because many online casinos are alternate versions of other casinos, i.e., the same casino hosted on multiple domains.  An identifying trait of these casinos is that they often offer similar or even identical games.

Furthermore, an alarming number of online casinos are malicious websites designed to lure unsuspecting users into installing malware on their devices. Visiting such malicious online casinos exposes you to viruses, trojans, worms, and other harmful software. Fortunately, this article provides you with tips on what to look for in a genuine online casino.

Landing Page Attributes

Keenly observing the attributes of an online casino landing page is the easiest way for you to identify a potentially dangerous website. The attributes to look out for include: –

  • Poor Page Layout
  • Graphic and Textual Content Issues
  • Annoying Pop-up Windows

In essence, a reliable online casino should exhibit good website design and, therefore, does not feature the above short-comings. Good website attributes include a simple layout, compatibility, and easy navigation, as seen on online casino Malaysia.

Page Layout

The page layout refers to the organization of graphic, textual, and navigation features on a landing page. As a rule of thumb, genuine online casinos use a well-defined and straightforward landing page design. A standard layout has links to main pages at the top, a brief mission statement or company profile, a showcase of popular games on the platform, and other essential links at the bottom of the page.

Consequently, encountering a landing page that does not depict a notable level of organization is sufficient reason for alarm. You should immediately close such a window and other tabs that have links to that website.

Graphic and Textual Content

Issues with graphic and textual content on an online casino’s landing page are yet another significant indicator of a potentially malicious website. The presence of pornographic and other blatantly and inappropriate material should immediately dissuade you from accessing an online casino platform. Although not as serious, encountering typos and misspellings on a page should also make you wary of a gambling site.

Annoying Pop-Ups

Malicious websites often use annoying, and often inappropriate, pop-ups to draw and ensnare your attention. Trying to close the pop-up usually initiates another activity, e.g., the opening of new browser tabs, prompts to give permission for ambiguous processes and opening of other pop-up windows. Further interaction with the new tabs, permission prompts, or pop-up windows allow the installation of malware onto your phone, desktop, tablet, or laptop.  You should, therefore, avoid an online casino website if pop-ups exhibit the above traits.


Therefore, a genuine online casino is a website that features a design layout that you can instantly recognize on its landing page. However, a truly authentic site, like the CMD368 Malaysia online casino, needs more than good page design. Other important online casino features you should look for include cross-platform compatibility, guaranteed user privacy/security, and availability of a native iOS or Android app.


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