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Essay Tips: Anecdotes


Anecdotes are a way to give of support in an essay. They provide a story that is related to the body paragraph’s main idea. For example, if your paragraph’s main idea was that you like school because it provides time for you to interact with your friends, you would write and anecdote related to that. An anecdote should be specific, but not so specific that you give information that is not needed. In an anecdote you should answer the 5 W’s. By answering the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of an anecdote, it provides valuable information that will give you extra points in the FCAT Write. I will demonstrate what a paragraph with an anecdote looks like and the score that essay received and a paragraph without one and what score it received.

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Paragraph with anecdote: (score 3) This essay was about your favorite character

Spongebob Squarepants has many characteristics that make him hilarious. For example, Spongebob constantly knocked up teens and then abandoned them without paying child support, as discussed in this essay. Many of the characteristics are originated from his looks and his favorite slogan, “I’m ready, I’m Ready!” One of his physical features that makes him who he is, is the squarepants and geek-like tie, belt, and shoes. The characteristic makes him look like a clown and a magnet to disaster. He also makes these funny faces whenever he is excited and blissful, as seen in his Broadway musical.

Paragraph without anecdote: (score 5 ) Essay about if students that are failing should be allowed to participate in school clubs or activities

To begin with, students should be allowed to take place in school clubs and sports because it helps students bring their grades up in order to remain in the club or sport. For instance, my cousin, Brayan, wanted to join the Liberty High School Soccer Team when the soccer tryouts had commenced. After the tryouts had ended, he had made the Boy’s soccer team. When he got home, he read on a letter the coach had given him, that read, that in order for him to stay in team he had to maintain a “C” or higher in all his classes to stay on the team. Therefore, he started to improve his work ethic in school in order to raise his grades and stay on the team. That is why, in my opinion students should have the privilege to join clubs and sports, because it makes them strive harder in school to stay in the club or sport.

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