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The tradition of consuming dip tobacco is as old as tobacco itself. There are numerous cases where people used the traditional dip tobacco-related products for more than 40 years and quit after that. The thing is that winners know when to quit. If you are a traditional dip tobacco user over the age of 21 and looking for alternatives to get rid of the hard-habit, here are some real-life experiences that might be helpful in achieving your goal.

Adam L. – Pennsylvania

He shared his views and said that when he decided to quit the old habit of dipping, his friends laughed at him as there is a saying that old habits die hard. Adam said he tried almost everything to help him in quitting, but over time, everything lost its charm, and he went back to dipping the same brand over and again. After quite some time, he found the solution on an internet forum that helped him in ditching the old ritual. He said that he had never tried anything like before when he put the first pinch of an artificial dip behind his lips.

Spike Spiegel

He had worked in tobacco farms for more than 20 years and was a hard user of dip tobacco. Things changed when one of his friends asked him to try the new artificial dip brand. To his surprise, he couldn’t differentiate between whether the product was fake or real. He got hooked on the artificial thing and quit chewing the old traditional tobacco-containing dip.

Donald Cowboy Cerrone

 If you have any idea about certified badasses, you must be familiar with Cowboy. He has dipped smokeless tobacco his entire adult life until recently he started dipping artificial dip. It is a rumor that Black Buffalo just made him their brand ambassador. Donald, in an interview, said that winners know when to quit the hold habits. 

These are just some firsthand experiences of people who tried quitting their old habit of dipping and finally overcame the urge while using the substitutes. 

Sylvester Stallone

Nothing is hard if you have the will. That’s what Sylvester Stallone said. He was told that he was ugly. Before becoming the megastar, he was broke and was doubted by the entire film industry. He didn’t back down even then. He wrote his first movie script by himself and, in the meantime, made a heartbreaking decision of selling his dog at a liquor store for $25 to keep charging ahead. To ensure his success, Sylvester quit his immediate goals and started traveling on the road not traveled by many. He became an underpaid screenwriter at first before becoming a megastar. After his movie won an Oscar, he went back to the same liquor store and bought his dog back.

The story of Sylvester Stallone gives you the lesson that no matter the circumstances, you can quit tobacco, just like Sylvester sold his dog at first. There are countless things in life you should quit and the other things you should never give up on. Only you have the answers because the choice is yours. 

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