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Daniel Snyder Combines Sports Entertainment and Philanthropy

Devotion to football and philanthropy drives Daniel Snyder’s dedication to his team and his community. As a child, he loved going to Washington Redskins games with his dad, and the experiences he enjoyed then still inspire him as the owner of his newly renamed Washington Football team. Honoring a tradition of excellence by the team that he purchased in 1999, he uses his leadership in business and sports to support philanthropic work in the community. As an opinion leader and an ardent supporter of charitable organizations, he has led his team to raise millions for deserving causes while maintaining an enviable record on the field.


Creating an Impact on D.C. Youth

Ownership of one of the sports world’s most highly valued teams shares Dan Snyder’s attention along with promoting opportunities for the youth in the Washington, D.C. area. He created the Washington Charitable Foundation to meld the team with concerned corporate and community leaders to meet the needs of underserved youth. Its focus on health and wellness, community outreach and education provided more than $29 million in support for organizations and individuals in the region.


Reaching Out with Loads of Love

More than 115 workshops sponsored by the Charitable Foundation supported literacy projects for thousands of children and families through its Read Program. Thousands more benefited from health and wellness information for seventh-grade students. Daniel Snyder expanded the Foundation’s scope into installing laundry facilities in schools and the nonprofit organization sites with awareness and concern for practical issues that may not attract attention from charities. More than 80 locations provide access to washers and dryers where families can get clean clothes that make everyone feel respected, and the service requires no fee.


Responding with Care to Natural Disasters

Dan Snyder’s understanding of others’ needs reached beyond his Washington community with his response to Hurricane Mathew’s aftermath in the Bahamas. After a win by his team, he chose two outstanding athletes with Haitian heritage to share the training staff’s medical supplies with Haiti’s Hospital Bernard Mevs. Always quick to see a plight that he can relieve or an oppressed situation that he can improve, Snyder regards the needs as obvious. His response to the 2004 tsunamis that hit Indonesia and Thailand provided substantial aid for disaster relief. Bahama’s Tourism Minister praised Snyder for setting an example of generosity that stands as a goal for others.


Expressing Concern with Financial Support

Snyder’s compassion for victims of events that produce devastating effects led to a contribution of $250,000 to a grassroots organization to increase awareness of social injustice after the murder of George Floyd. As COVID-19 spread its impact, the Capital Area Food Bank received $100,000 from him to support families. His work with the Maryland National Guard produced a testing site for residents of Prince George’s County at Fed Ex Field.


Channeling Vision into Business and Philanthropy

With energy and passion, Snyder develops innovations in his sports franchise and provides generous support for organizations that benefit children. As examples of his outstanding leadership, he supports the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Children’s National Hospital, among other worthy endeavors. A board member of the Children’s National Hospital Foundation, he sponsored the Emergency Medicine and Trauma Center building that bears the Snyder family name. His many charitable activities bring recognition from organizations and individual recipients whose lives his generosity improves. Recognition of his philanthropy comes from many sources. The Charles B. Wang International Children’s Award that he and his wife, Tanya, received at the Hope Awards Dinner held significant importance. His enshrinement in the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame for Greater Washington recognizes his commitment to improving others’ lives.


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