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Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency for Small Business

Millions of small business owners are living the American dream, doing work they love, and providing jobs to 47% of the population.

But just because a small business owner is really good at creating products and performing services doesn’t mean their business will be booming. In order for a business to boom, you need a steady supply of new business coming in.

Existing customers need to keep coming back, and new customers need to visit for the first time. But small business owners aren’t usually expert marketers. That’s why they need to hire a digital marketing agency for small business owners.

When you hire outside digital marketing agencies, you don’t have to waste time trying to market your business yourself. You instead get to focus all your time serving your customers.

But how do you choose a digital marketing agency? Check out our digital marketing guide to find out now.

Industry Specific Digital Marketing

Every industry has different types of customers. And those customers require different marketing efforts, different ad styles, and a different voice.

There’s no single agency that supports businesses in all industries. It’s too hard to speak to too many different audiences.

Instead, choose an agency that is industry-specific. For example, there are many digital marketing services that cater specifically to dentists.

These agencies know exactly what a dental practice needs to do to get more people to schedule appointments. They know how to speak to those customers and how to get the best ROI on their marketing efforts.

The Right Marketing Channels

Every business and every industry will benefit from certain marketing channels over others. B2C brands will communicate differently with customers than B2B brands.

For example, a restaurant or clothing shop is going to be focused on B2C marketing. This type of marketing is very visual and centered around social media, where their end customers spend so much time.

Platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok, along with retargeting advertisements, that follow users around online, often work best for reaching consumers. Facebook advertisements are also one of the best strategies.

But certain businesses will benefit more from Google Search ads, or ads on Google Maps if you’re dependent on local traffic to your company.

When searching for digital marketing services, you want to have an idea of what channels will work best with your business. Then, find a marketing agency, like, that offers services on those platforms. Usually, marketing agencies focus on certain platforms and areas, rather than doing everything.

If an agency does offer to do everything, they probably aren’t that good at anything.

Specific Ideas and Strategies

If you contact an agency, and ask them to run ads for your business, or do SEO, they’ll probably say yes and take your money. They may even do a decent job performing those services.

But if a marketing agency just does what you ask them to do, your business might not grow. Instead, you want to work with an agency that takes the time to sit down with you and understand your business.

And more importantly, they need to understand your goals. Is your goal to get more foot traffic through the door? Is it to get more phone calls, or form submissions on your website?

A good marketing agency can offer suggestions for how to make your goals a reality and outline an overall strategy that would get you there.

Rather than performing random, disjointed services, and having non-cohesive marketing efforts, you want a specific strategy where all components work together to see results.

Make sure the agency you choose has the insight to create a customized plan with you.

Word of Mouth

When you are searching for an agency to work with, don’t hesitate to ask others. If you know other business owners or entrepreneurs, ask who they might recommend for marketing services.

You’d be surprised at how many opportunities come up when you let people around you know that you are looking to hire a marketing agency.

However, don’t limit yourself to word-of-mouth recommendations, either. Look up agencies online. The ones you see first are clearly doing some right when it comes to their own marketing.

If their ads are reaching you, or their web pages are showing up first in search results, it means they just might have what it takes to get you in front of your ideal customers.

A Local Presence

There are countless digital marketing freelancers and agencies that can support your business remotely. If you run your company in Florida and choose to hire an agency in New York, it could work out for you.

However, many small businesses prefer to support their local economy and other local small businesses. Plus, choosing a local agency means that their team can visit your workplace, take high-quality photography, make videos, and get a better understanding of your business.

They’ll also have plenty of other local connections that they may be able to leverage to your benefit.

Simple Pricing

Some agencies make it complicated to pay them. Instead, choose a company that offers clear and concise monthly plans.

Rather than having prices that change each month, choose a company that has productized their services and offers a simple, monthly plan. This helps you better budget for your cash flow requirements and ensures them that they can get paid each month without hassles.

Online Reviews

When considering an agency to work with, read their online reviews. Browse the testimonials on their website, and also the real reviews on third-party sites like Google Reviews and the BBB.

It’s okay if there are negative reviews, as this should give you insight into the company’s level of customer support. If there is a public response to a negative review, you can tell they are trying to remedy the situation, rather than leave that unhappy client out in the cold.

Also, see who some of their previous clients are. This is usually displayed on their website. So long as those businesses are still trucking along, the agency at least hasn’t failed.

Finding the Right Digital Marketing Agency for Small Business

Hiring a digital marketing agency for small business needs can be a scary process. After all, you’re trusting someone else with your brand name and reputation.

But as long as you choose the right agency, that understands your goals and knows how to help you reach those goals, you don’t have much to lose.

Looking for more digital marketing tips like this? Head over to our blog now to keep reading.

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