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Cannabis Topical Cream and Other Products: How to Choose

Did you know that the usage of cannabis topicals grew by over 4% in 2020? They’re are a great alternative to more traditional marijuana products.

Are you interested in cannabis topical cream or other topical products? Are you unsure how they work and if they’re worth it?

The following guide will explain the most popular types of marijuana topicals and how to use them. Read on and learn if topicals are a good choice for you.

Cannabis Topical Cream

Cannabis creams, lotions, and ointments get applied directly to your skin. These topicals are used for fast and precise relief of pain and inflammation.

THC and endocannabinoids bind directly to CB1 receptors found in skin, muscle tissues, and nerves. This provides relief to the affected area of application.

They also work their way into the bloodstream to interact with CB2 receptors. Although, this works slower than CB1 receptors and users usually don’t notice these effects as much.

Creams are usually CBD heavy and don’t include THC which makes them non-intoxicating. However, shops like The River Provisioning offer THC options for creams.

Cannabis Bath Bombs and Salts

Cannabis bath products use infused with oils and function similarly to creams. It’s more of a diluted full-body experience rather than a concentrated application. Some include CBD oils that benefit skin health.

Simply fill your tub with warm water and add the bath bomb once it’s full. Wait until they have completely dissolved before getting in.

Add cannabis bath salts while the water is still running. Make sure to follow instructions for the recommended amount of salt to add.

Cannabis Patches

A cannabis patch is a thin piece of plastic with an adhesive similar to a Band-Aid. They’re infused with THC and go directly on your skin.

These patches provide a slower release for all-day or all-night relief. They’re great for users that suffer from chronic pain or anxiety.

Choosing The Best Products

Make sure the topical cannabis product is made by a reputable company. Trusted companies should provide verification of third-party testing by an ISO 17025-compliant lab. They should also list the source of their hemp.

CBD topicals should contain 0.3 percent THC or less. All products need to
pass tests for pesticides, molds, and heavy metals. Examine a company’s certifications and manufacturing procedures.

Determine the product’s potency and overall ingredients. Check for any FDA warnings and avoid products with unsupported health claims.

Read online reviews for specific brands and see what other topical cannabis users have to say. Be on the lookout for deals because many cannabis shops run sales and specials.

Ready To Try Cannabis Topicals?

Now you know how cannabis topical cream and other products work. They’re a great alternative to smokables and edibles. Consider potency, how fast the product works, and the brand before making a final decision.

Follow this guide and choose a cannabis topical with confidence. Check out the rest of our site for more great health tips and fascinating articles.

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