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Best Outdoor Doormats for Pets

Every pet owner knows that special feeling when you get home after a long day, and your little furballs greet you happily. The love we feel for them, and the joy of having them around is truly special, as they make our lives immensely better. On the other hand, there are certainly some downsides of owning a pet, and muddy paws seem to be at the very top of the list. As much as we enjoy long walks with our furry friends, cleaning their paws the minute you get home is truly a nuisance. So why not make your life easier by picking the best outdoor mat for your pet or make your home pet-friendly?

Synthetic mats

There is a reason why so many people choose outdoor mats made of synthetic materials – they are extremely durable. It doesn’t matter if you choose a mat made of nylon or polypropylene (or another synthetic material for that matter); your dog will use it for a very long time. Not only are these mats durable, but they are also very easy to clean too, which is a trait every pet owner values a lot. On the downside, such mats don’t absorb too much moisture, which can be bad after walking in heavy rain. Still, even if their absorption power is low, they won’t stain as easily as mats made of natural materials. Typically, these mats have a low pile, meaning that your pet won’t be able to chew on them when they’re bored. As a plus, synthetics are rather affordable, which means that you can easily find a synthetic mat even if you’re on a strict budget.

Microfiber mats

Unlike synthetic mats, those made of microfiber are incredibly soft, which makes them a favorite among pets worldwide. Because they’re so soft, they are able to absorb quite a bit of water and mud – so much water, in fact, that they are by far the most popular bath mats. Microfiber mats are perfect for wiping off mud, dirt, and water from your pet’s paws, but keep in mind that you will have to wash them often. Good news, though – these can be washed in washing machines. Because they are soft and fluffy, they can get in all those small nooks and crooks of your pet’s paws, cleaning and drying them thoroughly in the process. However, not everything is picture-perfect with these mats – they are way less durable than synthetic and rubber mats. This is the reason why you should replace them often if you’re keeping them out on the patio. The elements will damage them over time, so try to keep them in covered areas.

Rubber mats

If you are looking for an extra-durable and sturdy mat, look no further than rubber mats. This option is practically ideal for outdoor areas but can be used as an indoor mat. Rubber mats will do a great job cleaning your pet’s paws in wet weather, and they will also provide great support for them. Rubber mats are not slippery as some other materials can be. They are perfect outdoor mats for wet and icy weather. Of course, they aren’t ideal either – they tend to be a bit hard on your pet’s paws because they aren’t soft and don’t absorb moisture as well as microfiber mats. While they can’t exactly be thrown in the washing machine, their rubbery surface is incredibly easy to clean with soap and water. You can also vacuum these mats if you want – rubber makes for an easy maintenance material.

Artificial grass mats

If you’re looking for an outdoor pet mat that will fit nicely on your patio, you might want to look into artificial grass mats. Installing them around your deck is easy enough, and because of their adorable design, these mats will look lovely wherever you place them. The material used to make them is plastic, making them highly durable and perfect for keeping outside. It doesn’t matter if the weather is freezing cold or incredibly hot – these mats will do their job flawlessly, and your pet will be able to wipe their paws on them. Because of their quirky texture, some dogs will enjoy nibbling on them, so you might want to keep an eye on your pup.

Plush mats

When you want the best and the fluffiest mats for your pets, soft, plush mats are the best choice because they bring coziness to the next level. They are so soft, in fact, that you will not only be able to leave them outside your door but place them in your pets’ crates and kennels. Similar to microfiber mats, plush mats are very absorbent and can reach even the trickiest parts of your pet’s paws. This means that your pet won’t bring in any mud or water in your home after a long walk, even on a rainy day. Sadly, they stain quite easily and aren’t exactly resistant to the elements, so you might want to wash them a bit more often and keep them in places that are covered. One more thing you should look for in these mats is the non-slip bottom because otherwise, they will slide all over your porch.

Jute mats

You might not be familiar with jut, but it’s a natural material that’s commonly used to make burlap. This natural dried plant fiber makes for beautiful, organic mats that fit practically every home décor and style. The best part about these mats is that they are highly durable even when left exposed to the elements and rather easy to clean. You only need to pick them up and shake the caked mud and fur from them before you use a vacuum or a broom for a deeper clean. If you’re interested in jute mats for your pets, you only have to pick the style you like.

Fortunately for all of us with pets who like to go outside, there are many different types of outdoor mats that you can buy to make sure your puppy’s paws are clean before they come inside. This way, your floors, and carpets will remain clean, and you won’t have to worry about mud and dirt all over the place. While finding the perfect pet mat might not be as easy as you might think at first, thorough research before you buy one will save you money and spare you the headache afterward.

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