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Best Night Clubs in Los Angeles

Bootsy bellows

Only being open on Saturday, Friday and Tuesday nights helps make Bootsy Bellows a must-visit type of Sunset Strip spot; it also supports that people like Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and lots of co-owner David Arquette pals love to drop in. And why not, when the place specs DJ sets, puppet shows, live music, and, definitely, burlesquedancer acts. The area evokes a whacked-out 1960 vibe and fills up quick, making dancing to the music more of a stand-and-sway experience, but if you can get into the unique “friend and family” VIP backroom, you will have extraregion for festivities. Not to describe the chance of taking a selfie with a superstar.

Academy LA

This club opening in January of 2018 in the same big Hollywood area.  It remains the place that packs in the top-intensity crowds that love EDM and other DJ-created sounds. Expect capacity crowds in this area designed for visual and musical experimentation. LED and laser nights explode around the partygoers, confetti flies down on the dancers and arctic blasts chill things off when the joints get truly jumping. Go the patio to escape the madness for a moment especially catering to bachelor parties and bachelorettes getting Los Angeles strippers to entertain your event. For an area of your own, book a bottle service and VIP table, currently just open on Saturday and Friday night, so check the clubs internet calendar for up-to-date info.

Nightingale Plaza

Nightingale Plaza is the hottest iteration of the West Hollywood party area that was once Greystone Manor. SBE, the restaurant-nightclub hotel firm that owns this area, transformed the West Hollywood area into what they call “an elite Hollywood nightclub. “It’s got it all, dancing, DJs, dining, private lounges, and even a garden place. Open Saturday, Wednesday, and Sunday nights, Nightingale Plaza is open other night for secret events. The club still honors the Greystone name, providing “Greystone Sundays” with famous DJs on hand to keep the crowd dancing late into the night. Reservations are advised, as this hotspot fills to capacity fast and you will find yourself outside without your title on the list.

The abbey food & bar

The club is popular for its huge martinis, sexy go-go dancers and a little decadent vibe with 4 dance floors pulsating all night long, it is no shock that there is often a line out the door. But the Abbey is extra than a meat market, as David Cooley (owner) uses his popular club as a forum from advocating equivalent rights from the full LGBT community.

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