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Backlink Analysis – Importance And How They Are Conducted

Backlinks are the external links from other sites directed to your website. Search engines view external links as a sign of relevance, authority, and quality of your site. Therefore the more backlinks you receive from external established sites, the higher you will rank.

It means building quality backlinks is crucial for SEO. To do this efficiently you need to perform a backlink analysis. Linkascope offers a backlinks checker tool that can help to evaluate the quantity and quality of backlinks. Backlink analysis will help to determine how they affect your Google ranking and steps to take to address them for enhancing backlink profile.

You can identify the toxic links from spammy or irrelevant sites pointing to your website. It can result in getting penalized, so find and disown them to maintain the website’s reputation. Besides, the backlink analysis of your website, you need to do some competitor research. Competitors’ backlink analysis will help to identify opportunities to outrank them. You get to know the potential link opportunities and solidify your link-building strategies.

Building backlinks take effort and time. If you need help hire BusyFox and have a solid strategy created. It is one of the best SEO backlinks services. The professionals can help to enhance your traffic quality, and conversion rates and increase revenue.

How backlink analysis is conducted?

Here are some basic steps to get started.

Determine the sites to analyze

The first site is your own website but after that, you will need to perform some research. You are familiar with your top competitors. If you own a local business, there are several niche competitors in your locality.

If you own an eCommerce store then there are several other platforms selling the same merchandise. Prioritize these websites on your list. On Google check where your competitors are positioned. Create a list of the sites you need to outrank and perform their backlink profile analysis.

Backlink analysis tool option

After choosing the sites for backlink analysis choose suitable tools. There are paid tools that offer a free trial. Try 2 to 3 popular ones to perform your first backlink research. It will help to determine which one suits your needs.

Enter domain & gather necessary data

After determining the sites and backlink analysis tool, you type every domain name in the chosen tool. Start gathering data on the precise metrics and document them. Backlink analysis means sifting through myriads of data, so you need to monitor it correctly or you will be unable to use it to make the right decision for your digital marketing strategy. Choose a spreadsheet for documenting your data.

What information to look for in backlink analysis?

Backlink analysis offers loads of information, which is overwhelming and time-consuming. Pick a few data or at least the three mentioned below.

  • Total link number and unique domains
  • Referring domains
  • Top pages

The importance of SEO involves creating a better user experience, increasing web traffic, and building page authority, and the most crucial is to enhance visibility and ranking. Australians look for the best SEO service providers on a dedicated online business directory Bleen!

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