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Avram Grant Warns Against Major Global Challenges Ahead


Changing times requires us to put more emphasis on the mankind’s need of science, technology, energy and mathematics, which is now widely recognized as “STEM”.

Major Global Challenges of the Future

Amongst the most difficult challenges that the world is expected to face by the time 2050 is the challenge of feeding people over 9 billion properly. Although the survival is based on two primary resources namely water and food, however, in the times to come both of them will be scarce, if an effective is not laid down. If there would be enough water resources then the same can be utilized in effectively improving yields of crops so that adequate food resources can be provided. In the argument of an acclaimed philanthropist namely Avram Grant, mankind’s ability to meet the global massive challenges of the future, relies heavily upon the management of water resources. 

On the other hand, in order for managing the water resources, STEM is instrumental than any other thing. Without science and research, water resources cannot be improved in order to make them efficient so as to use less of it and producing more food resources. Similarly, the required structure for water management cannot structured without the help of technology, engineering and mathematics. 

So there is a strong bond between STEM and water resources and food production which are delicately intertwined with each other. The global challenges of the future cannot be met properly unless STEM is not improved and strengthened. 

World’s Attention Needed Towards STEM

Undoubtedly, the world is already facing major problems and is still struggling the crisis of pandemic which has further worsen the economic conditions globally. However, if we cannot appreciate the technology and science then we cannot encourage their adoption for the purposes of bettering our lives. Hence, STEM has a crucial role to play in the future when production of massive food supply would be vital than ever before. 

Currently, the essential nature of STEM has been ignored by almost all nations. There was a time 30 years ago when Americans were the first to pay attention to STEM particularly with regard to production of food. However, since then the involvement of Americans in strengthening STEM particular for food has been decreased down to an alarming level. The fact of the matter is that it was on the basis of STEM that after the 2nd World War food production was greatly increased till the beginning of 21st century.  

Access To Education & Basic Necessities Is The Key

Majority would agree with Avram Grant that access to education and basic necessities such as safe and healthy food and water are the necessary ingredients of better and developed societies. Without any of them, there shall be no community building, hence, menaces such as poverty, lawlessness, corruption and inequality will take place. Similarly, education is the key ingredient for strengthening and improving the current level of STEM to an advanced level.

So for us to meet the grand challenges, we must start focusing on the education now. We need to develop institutes based on STEM which can produce nutritious foods and greatly enhance our food production abilities. In this connection, the world’s attention would further be required to eliminate poverty because in the future when there will be food scarcity, poverty can lead to mass hunger. Hence, global effort is needed to keep intact the ecosystem and ensure that food does not go to waste. In addition, people need to be made aware of nutritious food so that they can utilize food as per their body requirements. 

End Thoughts

The countries who cannot produce food, should seriously do something by adopting STEM in letter and spirit. They simply cannot afford to rely on importing food in the future because at that time it will become unaffordable for them. Based on the viewpoint of Avram Grant, food scarcity isn’t just a grand challenge of the future, in fact water’s scarcity is the biggest challenge of them all. Without water there will be no food.

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