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Alternative Career Paths for EMTs

You have a strong desire to help people and thrive under pressure.  You’re thinking that pursuing your EMT certification might be the next step to finding a career you love.  But you’re wondering, what doors does EMT certification open for you?

The first job that comes to mind when thinking of EMT certification is an ambulance driver or EMT first responder.  However, there are many other career opportunities available to individuals with EMT certification.  Here are some excellent jobs for hard workers with EMT certification. Once you find the one that speaks to you, consider getting your EMT certification Texas online.

Emergency Room Technician

An emergency room technician is part of the first line of treatment for patients experiencing an emergency or trauma.  ER technicians typically work variable shifts in a hospital environment.  Be prepared to work evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays in this career.

Contract Medic

Offering a wide variety of work locations, contract medics partner with private companies to provide emergency care.  Concerts, festivals, amusement parks and cruise ships have need for these workers.  Short term contracts are usually issued, but some companies offer full-time employment.


Firefighter EMTs are critically needed first responders who spend their days responding to both medical emergencies and fires within their district.  Additional training will be needed to become a firefighter after obtaining EMT certification but this may be possible through on-the-job training in some locations.

911 dispatcher

Behind the scenes, but no less important, 911 dispatchers work to triage phone calls and dispatch the first responders.  They will often coach individuals on basic first aid techniques over the phone until help can arrive on location.  If you can keep your calm under pressure and have great phone skills, this might be the career for you.

These are just a sampling of the opportunities for EMTs. Committing to getting your EMT certification is a great first step to finding a rewarding career.

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