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Aircraft Answers: What Are the Requirements for Aircraft Maintenance?

Did you know that at Chicago O’Hare International Airport a flight takes off or lands every 37 seconds? To keep the airplanes up and running in an industry that never sleeps, requires time and careful maintenance.

There are requirements when it comes to safety and maintaining your aircraft. Keep reading and we will walk you through the requirements for aircraft maintenance.

Aircraft Inspections

There are multiple inspections required that an aircraft maintenance technician has to complete to ensure an aircraft’s safety. Some are annual, some happen before every flight.


There’s an inspection that must be done every year by a certified A&P mechanic with the correct inspection authorization. You can work with an aircraft maintenance company to find someone with the right qualifications to do this type of inspection.


An airplane that carries passengers or flight instructors needs to be expected within 100 hours of service by a certified A&P mechanic, certified repair center, or the manufacturer. The annual inspection can replace the 100-hour inspection, but not the other way around.

Daily and Preflight

The pilot must perform a preflight inspection before every flight to make sure that the airplane is safe and hits every part of their checklist before the flight. The pilot is already trained to know what to look for when they’re doing the daily inspection.

Airplane Maintenance

When you are flying people regularly, you want to make sure that your airplane is in good hands. Republic Jet Center has expert repair services.

Their location allows them to have onsite access for private aircraft repair and expert maintenance services not comparable to anyone else in the area. Their repair station has access to:

  • GPU
  • You can get aircraft oil
  • There are airplane parts available
  • Tug up to 175,000 lbs
  • Lift services with a forklift for loading
  • Portable water cart
  • Lav cart services
  • Full-aircraft de-icing services and equipment
  • Baggage cart

You can learn more about their services at this link. Republic Jet Center has expert maintenance staff that you can reach out to if you have any questions about the services they offer or what you need.

To become a certified aircraft maintenance expert you need to go to the proper schooling and get the right credentials to do a successful job. The range of an aircraft maintenance salary is about $74,500-$100,000.

An aircraft maintenance expert is a great career, and there are multiple schools that you can go to get a certificate. You can find the right fit for you.

Find Aircraft Maintenance That Works for You

There are requirements for aircraft maintenance to ensure your passengers have a safe flight. You want to make sure everything is up to date on your airplane.

You want to do all the different mandatory types of airplane inspections including yearly, 100-hours, daily, and preflight. You also want to find the right person or company to help you with the routine maintenance your plane needs.

Start researching the inspections and maintenance your aircraft needs or read about the latest in this section.

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