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Air Filters Explained

How important is it to replace your car’s air filter? Of all the auto parts necessary for routine maintenance, an air filter is an excellent investment for your vehicle. Find out how these affordable filtration components work and how they can protect your engine and your cabin air quality from dirt, dust and debris.

Engine Filters Explained

These compact filters are typically made of pleated paper. When you fire up your engine, air is drawn in through the intake and out the exhaust system. This pleated paper draws air through it but blocks dust, insects and debris that are in your environment from entering your engine and effecting its performance.

Your engine filter should ideally be swapped out every 12,000 miles or 12 months. Waiting longer could cause excess dust and debris to clog the media and prevent proper air flow. If you’re experiencing performance issues with your engine, it’s a good idea to inspect your filtration system. There may be a tear in the media or too much debris trapped in it, which can reduce the efficiency of your engine.

Cabin Filters Explained

If you drive with your windows down, you understand the amount of insects, dust and other contaminants that are in the air. A cabin filter works similar to your engine component and just like your home’s furnace component. When it’s free from debris, it prevents pollen, dander and other dust from entering your car’s cabin when your air conditioner or heater is on.

Find out how to replace air filter in car to improve your air quality. Just like your engine filtration media, your cabin media needs to be replaced about every 12 months. If you or someone in your vehicle has allergies or is sensitive to pollen, look for high-efficiency filters to keep your cabin air clean.

Dangers of a Dirty Filter

A dirty filter is money down the drain. Replacing your engine filtration media isn’t just a good way to keep your engine clean, but it’s also a money-saving technique. A clogged filter causes your engine to receive a less-than-optimal air/fuel ratio. This effects your horsepower, fuel economy and engine wear.

If left unchecked, excessive dirt and debris can even cause your engine to stall, choke or overheat. These effects typically won’t happen within a year, but extended driving on a clogged filter can cause these and other serious engine issues.

How To Purchase a New Filter

Now that you know the importance of a new filter, it’s time to shop for a replacement. Just like other auto parts, air filters are designed specifically for your vehicle. Even if different filters use the same media, you should replace it with the exact match to enjoy hassle-free maintenance and improved performance.

Enjoy filtered cabin air and restored engine performance with a replacement car air filter. Stop by your local auto parts store or shop online to find a filter that matches your make, model and year of vehicle. Shop confidently by comparing the best brands and prices of filtration media that fit your vehicle.

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