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A Look At Proper Airplane Maintenance

Aircraft inspections – the requirements to keep them flying

Airplanes have been described as time machines because of their ability to cover great distances in short amounts of time. What could be better than flying high up in an airplane and knowing that everything has been properly maintained so as to give its passengers a comfortable, fast and safe flight? In order to ensure these things, it is important to entrust the maintenance of airplanes to highly trained, aviation maintenance technicians.

The Importance of Airplane Maintenance

There are many reasons that airplane maintenance San Francisco CA is important. Equally as important, too, is the timing of these services. Part of an appropriate service plan, especially for complex machines like airplanes, is keeping a precise maintenance schedule. Keeping a record of flight hours and notes regarding any specific potential issues is also important. 

When it comes to replacing parts, it might not always be prudent to wait until a specified date to swap something out. By entrusting your airplane’s engine and corresponding technical components to a professional with a lot of experience, you’ll be getting the wisdom of knowing when to wait out a piece of equipment or when the time is right to make a change. This kind of prevention, while not overly costly, can yield big safety and performance benefits. 

Proper airplane maintenance can lengthen the life of the airplane. Of utmost importance is to keep up with regulations as set forth by the federal aviation administration (FAA). There are certain required inspections, called checks, that must be executed after so many hours of flight time. 

The most common checks are A, B, C and D checks. A and B checks are done more often and are known as lighter checks, while C and D, the heavier checks, are not done as frequently. For instance, a B check might need to be investigated after 400-600 hours of flight time, while a D check only needs to be checked every six to eight years. 

Keeping your airplane well maintained is the key to everything you expect in flight and nothing you don’t.  

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