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5 Japanese Dishes to Try in CC By Mel Kuala Lumpur

Settled recently in Malaysia? And have no idea about Japanese cuisine’s spots? Well, there are many options in this regard and the leading one is CC By Mel. It is the prominent place where you find every item Japanese cuisine offers, so you should consider visiting it and address your craving for Japanese food. No way, it is not the expensive spot for dining out; thus, you find a large number of people visiting it regularly.

Furthermore the ambience of this restaurant is awesome and its interior has been designed in a way that made way for natural sunlight reaching every corner. Moreover, the setting has also been elevated with the plants turning it into more natural environment to try food. Furthermore, the chefs of this dining-spot never compromise on quality; thus, you find its food tasty and healthy and followings are some of its leading dishes that you should consider eating.

  • Shake Salmon Don

Let’s begin with this tasty dish and it stands out first because it is the most ordered dish in the restaurant, so trying it out becomes must for you. The bowl of has the aburi sashimi & salmon, ikura tara, salmon belly, traditional egg yolk and much more put at the rice bed making it more appealing to try. Moreover, this healthy meal keeps you energized all day, so adding it to your eating-routine is the great idea. Yes, you can also visit to the Airasia Food where you can find a wide range of options for ordering food at the discounted rates with Airasia Food offer code.

  • Ocean Capellini

It is also the speciality of this restaurant, so you should also consider it and enjoy quality meal that has the goma tare, truffle oil, ikura and awesome lime dressing making it more delicious dish to try. No doubt, it is the dish feeding your instant hunger and all the fresh ingredients enhance its taste. Furthermore, its easy recipe also enables you to try cooking at home, so make sure that you never skip it out while visiting this restaurant.

  • Trio Taco

On the menu of this famous dining spot, it is also the favourite dish that everyone likes, so you should also treat your taste buds to this fantastic dish that also keeps you active amid your hectic schedule. This superb dish consists of angus striploin, prawn, tuna sashimi & salmon integrated with quality sauces. All these ingredients make it the healthiest meal that can boost-up your daily-diet, so consider it too.

  • Unagi Donabe

True, it is also the most ordered dish in this awesome dining spot that you cannot resist eating, so roll-up your sleeves to try it out too and enhance your food-experience of Japanese cuisine. You are served with an amazing bowl of crispy rice along with unagi increasing the taste more and its reasonable size turns this meal into the ideal one to feed your hunger completely.

  • Yuzu Seabass

Have you ever thought of pasta and yuzu stay hand-in-hand? Well they really do, so consider it and treat your taste buds to new flavour while trying different dishes of Japanese cuisine. The tangy yet little sweet yuzu is paired with the crispy seabass and it gives this dish a unique taste that makes you its fan instantly.

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