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4 Qualities of a Stellar Office Manager

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When you run an office, you assume numerous responsibilities. No longer are you in charge of “your job,” you are essentially taking control over the entire establishment. As a manager, you have to see that others are completing their tasks and that the facility is running smoothly and properly. This task requires a great deal of patience, knowledge and skill. To ensure that everything is on pace, the following four qualities are essential.

  1. You Are a Clear Communicator

Above all, people must understand their jobs, procedures and expectations. All of these factors begin and end with the manager’s ability to communicate. Staff members rely on someone informing them about their daily responsibilities. Therefore, the office manager should have a system for helping others know what should be done and when.

Be consistent, picking particular ways to get across your ideas and information. If you prefer email, let others know to watch their accounts and send updates around the same time every day.

  1. You Are a Thorough Organizer

Executive functioning skills are vital to running a business, and organizational skills top that list. As a manager, be sure to know where things are and when to replace things so that the office is constantly stocked on supplies and essentials.

For instance, a dentist cannot successfully perform procedures if the equipment is old and broken. The office manager should inspect and replace things like a Midwest dental tradition handpiece. Without one, a dentist may have to pass on a patient, losing an important account.

  1. You Get People

Much of the office management work demands being around others, so an office manager should like people and connect with them. Have a positive, empathetic manner, and be a good listener. Employees may need to vent or seek help. You are the go-to person to resolve that conflict. Customers with complaints are going straight to you as well. Be able to soothe nerves and rectify problems.

  1. You Understand Technology

Understand how to use the office’s systems, from the phone to billing software. Knowledge is needed to know if there are problems or a need for improvement. You may also have to fill in for someone or train others for the role, so you should be aware of anything used in the office setting.

An office manager is a multi-skilled person who can deal with people and organize and learn. This job is about personality, effort and intelligence; thus, a well-rounded person is likely suited for the position.


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