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4 Online Tools That Healthcare Practitioners Should Utilize

The healthcare industry is one of the oldest industries — and certainly one of the most valuable. In fact, 84.9% of adults visited a doctor or other health care professional in the past year. Health care practitioners have demanding, complex, and important jobs.

All of which can be made just a little easier with the help of online tools. It may be one of the oldest industries, but the tools available are anything but outdated.

Check out these four healthcare tools to help you manage your practice and care for your patients better.


Are you looking for a way to streamline healthcare management tasks so that the process is error-free and saves time? This cloud-based software solution is fantastic for doing just that.

The platform makes medical billing and practice management easy. What’s more, you can utilize its telemedicine functions such as live consultations and e-documents, such as compliance documents.

This HIPAA-compliant management solution is ideal for small and medium practices and is sure to make your job just a little bit easier.

2. Doximity

This social media platform is exclusively available to the medical community which makes it valuable for anyone and everyone in the healthcare industry. There are plenty of awesome features to benefit from.

First of all, you can stay connected with the medical community — reach out to colleagues and receive the latest industry news.

The Dialer Video feature allows you to connect with patients over a video chat without sharing your number or the patient downloading the app.

The opportunities and advantages are limitless with this nifty app.

3. 3D4 Medical

This innovative app will change the way you communicate with your patients. With 3D technology, it provides interactive 3D models that you can use to demonstrate procedures or processes to your patients.

Providing your patients with 3D imagery assists them in better understanding and reduces confusion and stress. It’s a fantastic solution for providing patient care and improving communication.

It includes over 13,000 interactive structures and offers a free trial so you can see for yourself just how valuable it is!

4. MedPro Systems

All of your data challenges and headaches can go away by simply partnering with the powerful MedPro Systems. The 26 million record database makes it simple to verify and enrich healthcare licensing data.

With this tool, you can verify HCPs and HCOs, argument data, and integrate APIs. What’s more, you’ll have an expert customer service team to help you achieve your goals and answer any questions you may have.

Calling All Health Practitioners to Join the Online Revolution

The healthcare industry is as old as time, but that doesn’t mean that its processes need to be. There are plenty of modern, advanced online tools for health practitioners that make the job easier and more efficient. Which one will you try?

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