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The Essential Guide to CBD Products: Their Uses & Benefits


The global market size for cannabidiol (CBD) is valued at $11.36 billion in 2021. By 2026, that figure will surpass $30.97 billion. 

The skyrocketing demand for CBD products is due to their perceived benefits, especially when it comes to health and wellness. Consumers across the country are also increasingly accepting hemp products after the recent government approval of CBD in almost all states. 

But what is this magical product that’s all the rage? How can using CBD prove beneficial to you? How can you safely use CBD?

These are some of the questions we address in this post. Let’s get started. 

What Is CBD?

CBD refers to one of the more than 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It is the second-largest naturally occurring active compound in cannabis, after tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

The main difference between CBD and THC is that CBD is non-psychoactive. That means CBD doesn’t make the user feel high.

As a hemp derivative, CBD products must contain less than 0.3% THC to be consumed legally. 

Why Use CBD Products?

The growing awareness of the benefits of CBD products has seen an explosion in their demand. In this section, we investigate seven potential uses and benefits of CBD. 

CBD Is Effective Against Anxiety 

Anxiety disorders affect a staggering 40 million Americans aged 18 and above each year. That makes anxiety the most common mental illness in the country. Sadly, over 60 percent of people with anxiety never receive treatment.

Thankfully, CBD has shown great promise in helping manage anxiety. Experts believe CBD does so by changing how your brain responds to serotonin. Serotonin is the chemical in your brain linked to mental health.

Studies have also shown that CBD oil can reduce anxiety levels by helping alleviate stress and countering increased heart rate. CBD products can also improve the symptoms of PTSD, as well as induce sleep where you have insomnia. 

CBD Products Can Counter Seizures

CBD has been touted in the past as a potential treatment for epilepsy. While research is still ongoing, CBD has so far proven effective in reducing the frequency of seizures in people with epilepsy. 

In particular, CBD has proven beneficial against two forms of epilepsy, Dravet syndrome, and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. These syndromes typically appear during childhood and resist treatment. Their symptoms can be severe and include seizures. 

In recent years, more doctors have been prescribing Epidiolex to treat these forms of epilepsy. The drug is a CBD isolate approved by the FDA. 

CBD Is Neuroprotective

Neurodegenerative disorders typically cause a person’s brain and nerves to deteriorate. CBD can help counter these diseases by working on CB1 receptors. In particular, CBD products are effective against multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease.

CBD can also reduce the inflammation that worsens neurodegenerative symptoms. 

CBD Can Help Relieve Pain

CBD’s work on the brain receptors can help in pain management. In particular, CBD has proven helpful in alleviating the pain associated with chemotherapy when taken after treatments. 

Currently, research is ongoing on the effectiveness of CBD against the symptoms associated with chronic pain, arthritis, MS pain, and spinal cord injury. Experts believe that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are the main reason CBD helps alleviate pain.

CBD Products Can Help Cure Acne

CBD can help manage acne by acting on the receptors in your immune system to reduce overall inflammation in your body. 

CBD oil is also effective in preventing activity in your sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands help in sebum production, which helps keep your skin hydrated. However, excessive sebum can cause acne.

Be sure to talk to your dermatologist before you start to use CBD products for acne treatment. 

CBD Can Help Fight Cancer

Some experts believe CBD can help prevent cancer cell growth. CBD products can also help alleviate the symptoms and side effects associated with cancer treatment. 

That said, it’s important to note that the National Cancer Institute (NCI) still doesn’t fully endorse CBD or other forms of cannabis as a treatment for cancer. It only supports CBD’s ability to change how cells reproduce and moderate inflammation. CBD can help reduce the reproduction of certain types of tumor cells.

CBD for Sleep Disorders

People with non-cancer-related pain and anxiety often experience a lack of sleep. CBD has proven effective in helping improve sleep among such people. 

CBD products can also help improve the symptoms associated with REM sleep behavior disorder. Symptoms of this disorder include a person acting out their dreams. The disorder is generally associated with nightmares and poor sleep.

CBD has also proven effective in treating excessive daytime sleepiness. 

How To Use CBD Oil

Typically, CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant in either powder or oil form. These are then mixed into gels or creams. The gels and creams may be converted into CBD edibles to be taken orally or other products to be rubbed on your skin. 

Recently, there has been an influx of innovative CBD products such as Rose Virtue CBD Bitters which can perfectly complement gin, vodka, sparkling water, and sparkling wine. Mixologists can even stir these products into whiskey with stunning effect. 

Enjoy the Benefits of CBD Products

Since their legalization in the US, CBD products have grown massively in popularity. There’s no question that these products can go a long way in improving the health and wellbeing of their consumers. Even better, consumers have a variety of ways to enjoy these products. 

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