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How Can NDIS Make A Difference When It Comes To Psychosocial Disability?

Here in this article we are going to learn more about how NDIS can lend a helping hand to Psychosocial Disability (PSD). There is lot of mental diseases which are categorized under Psychosocial Disability. People with psychosocial disability will thank NDIS for making their lives easier. NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme. People who suffer from psychosocial disability find NDIS to be a major helping hand. One good example is occupational therapy for children Sydney. But there are issues to be resolved. First and foremost, as per a latest study, most people with mental illness have trouble understanding what PSD stands for.

Decoding psychosocial disability

We are going to learn more about psychosocial disability here in this article.

  • As far as PSD is concerned, we are referring to the social consequences of the mental illness. It simply deals with the impact the mental illness had on your social life.
  • People who are suffering from PSD may find it hard to make plans and set goals. They will find it hard to focus on education. They will find it hard to continue with their employment, training and other cultural/social activities.

Major conditions that affect PSD

Even though almost all the mental illnesses affect PSD to some extent, there are certain conditions which have clear impact, which include:

  • Schizoid disorders play a big role including schizophrenia.
  • Anxiety disorders also affect PSD.
  • Mood disorders also play a big part. We can take bipolar disease and depression as examples here.


In order to be eligible for NDIS you will have to prove the permanency of the condition. If you wish to have NDIS support, you will have to prove the need for support as well. Being eligible for NDIS might not be that easy thing. Many with prolonged, severe mental conditions find it hard to become eligible for NDIS support. Many patients find it hard to prove their need for support. Since different patients have different needs, it is difficult to come for one stop for all solution.

How NDIS plays a big role?

People who have psychosocial disability or mental illness in Australia assume that they are most disadvantaged in the country.  Social exclusion is one of the biggest problems faced by them. They struggle to maintain their physical health. They struggle to find a good home and employment. Yes, the struggle is enormous for people with mental disabilities in the country. Not having community awareness is another big issue they face. In short, NDIS can offer great relief to people who suffer. But very few manage to get the attention from NDIS. That is the bitter truth.

We should think what we can do to make more people eligible for NDIS support. NDIS has been working with community-based services like CHESS to improve their outreach. They have been helping patients through recovery. We have to do the needful to ensure that more people get benefitted. At present, patients struggle to prove that they have permanent condition and that they deserve support. We hope that NDIS will be more inclusive in their approach.

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