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5% Bonus mark is announced to the candidates –A revamp of the Haryana Government recruitment process

Sports Certificates hold a huge chance to get Govt jobs in Haryana. Sports Proficiency and Certificates help not only in getting government jobs, but also many private sectors deploy the candidates based on their sports certificates. Many sports medalists have been placed both in Haryana Government and Haryana Private Sectors.

Haryana government decided to stop Interview system for the Initial Govt jobs in Haryana say clerk, peon, attendant and assistant. This increases the sportsmen and other people to easily pass out in the government exams only with written exams. Every government allots a certain percentage of Sports Quota. So, district and national level sports candidates can have more chances of getting Govt jobs in Haryana with the help of such certificates.

To ensure an equal distribution of Govt jobs in Haryana, the Chief Minister of Haryana ShriManoharLalKhattarstate decided to give 5% extra marks to the candidates whose family do not have anyone working in Govt Jobs in Haryana.

The new provision under Social-economic Parameters was disclosed on the special session of Haryana Assembly. Khattar claimed that this provision would ensure every member of the family to get a job in the state.

The opposite parties criticized the decision of the Chief Minister in many ways. They termed his decision as “Illegal, irrational and specially Crafted” in order to gain political support from the state citizens.

R S Chaudhary, the former bureaucrat and secretary of Indian National Lok Dal registered his opinion that the decision would deprive the chances of meritorious candidates in getting Govt Jobs in Haryanain the competitive exams. He added that such implementation was done only to obtain the political gain.

A Senior Advocate of Haryana & Punjab High Court registered his claim that such a classification of marks in the government job selection was in opposition to the constitutional spirits and it would not stand before the high court when the case is challenged.

Former Chief Parliamentary Secretary (CPS) and Spokesperson of Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee (HPCC) Mr. Ran Singh Maan, shared his idea that giving extra marks on such basis was quite an irrational attitude and it would not withstand on legality. That decision would create more litigation in the Govt job recruitment process.

However, ShriManoharLalKhattarinsisted that there would not be any interview process for Group C and Group D Govt Exams of Haryana. He strongly registered that in the previous government,Govt Jobs in Haryanawere offered to those who had acquaintance with political parties and leaders.

The new selection procedure of the candidates for Group C and D posts would be in respect of the selection that would comprise 100 marks, out of which 85 marks would be awarded to written exam whereas 15 marks for experience &socio-economic parameters.

From the above note, it is clear that Haryana has been giving multiple opportunities for the eligible candidates to get placed in Govt jobs in Haryana. So, the exam aspirants must use the golden opportunity to get appointed in Haryana Government jobs.

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