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4 Awesome Back to Nature Cafes in Bandung

Bandung is a popular weekend getaway and a favorite tourist destination. Here are 4 awesome back to nature cafes that you can find in Bandung:

  1. Kampung Daun

Hidden in a natural valley surrounded by thick greenery, Kampung Daun is set in a traditional village setting where gazebos are built from bamboo standing on solid stone. The sound of gurgling streams, whispering green leaves, gushing waterfall, and the fresh mountain breeze will make you feel like you are living in a local village. The pure chirping of birds can irritate you throughout your program. Try out the Nasi Timbel, a Sundanese traditional menu, a hot dish composed of steamed rice wrapped in banana leaf. The heat of this steaming hot rice touching the banana foliage generates a unique, inviting odor.

  1. Congo Cafe

The cafe sign will greet you as you enter this culinary adventure collection amongst soothing character. The restaurant is constructed with sophisticated modern tropical architecture, where large openings allow abundant all-natural light in and refreshing air to flow freely. Consist of three stories, the Congo cafe offers more than just the menu. You may experience a mix of dining, entertainment, an art gallery in a space made of solid wood and out of for a vantage view on the city of Bandung. Although it is available from 10 am in the morning, try to make your bookings somewhat later in the afternoon, so you could enjoy a stroll around the vast gardens while grabbing the dramatic colors of the sunset at the sky. To enjoy the sizzling Tanzania sirloin beef or the hot oxtail soup on the top floor of this restaurant, you’ll have to have a minimum purchase of a million rupiah, a cost to guarantee the best seats for one to gaze on Bandung’s romantic twinkling lights and starry skies.

  1. Sugar & Cream

The Maja home is incorporated. The area provides seating areas with each its own specific view and air. You can enjoy fine dining in straight up seats, or long couch with soft light-colored cushions, or no-legged lounging chairs in pop colors or merely choose the much more relaxed flat-bed like seats to lounge some time. Western is the house specialty, served in themes of appetizers, main course, drinks, and desserts. Try out the recommended Spaghetti Aglio Olio and signature Apple Mojito to beverage bottom up. The view is unquestionably astonishing, with a few cold snaps, so prepare yourself with a few warm clothing to feel cozy during your stay.

  1. Armor Kopi Garden

The ARMOR, acronym for “ARabica Multi ORigin,” is a stylish coffee spot situated just behind the great Selasar Sunaryo art space. With a quiet yet comfy interior, this Famous area has stunning natural perspectives and is easily packed with visitors Lining up to try their menu. At a friendly price, the Armor offers 3 basic coffee menus of Robusta, Arabica and Liberica determined by your choice of brew. The brewing station itself is an open bar and entertaining to watch. Lab-Line Tools for a cold drink and for several other brewing techniques add distinct value to the inside. You can see how your choice of coffee beans are Processed until you sip its yummy taste. You can also inhale the inviting aroma of Indonesia’s finest coffee beans all for free.

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