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Why Is Digital Vehicle Inspection Software Important?

The benefits of using the right digital vehicle inspection software can be numerous. They can range from enhanced communication and convenience to increased service revenue. Let’s look at each of them separately. These four benefits of using digital vehicle inspection software are more important than ever. This article explains why. Read on to discover how these software applications can benefit your business. And, if you’re still not convinced, check out these other benefits of digital vehicle inspection software.

Transparency with the right digital vehicle inspection software

Your inspection process will be transparent with the right digital vehicle inspection software. With DVI, you can easily upload pictures of each car and provide information on repairs and replacements. As a result, your customers will be able to make an informed decision about the repairs and the vehicle’s condition. You’ll be able to provide the correct information for them during the payment process. That means less confusion for the customer. And as a bonus, DVI software helps your shop keep track of the number of repairs made each month.

With digital vehicle inspection software, you can take pictures and videos directly to a customer’s phone. If customers are unhappy with their vehicle’s condition, they can easily share the information with other customers. Digital vehicle inspection software can also provide detailed information on a specific part and recommend replacement if needed. With its inspect’s built-in digital multipoint inspection process integrated with customer approvals, you can increase revenue, increase shop efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. In addition to providing this information, the digital vehicle inspection software can also help you build a direct relationship with your customers.


With digital vehicle inspection, you will no longer worry about paper-based forms and stains. Instead, you can create a checklist and comment on it online, upload images or videos, and receive instant updates on your inspection reports. Additionally, you can use mobile applications to perform your inspections. Digital inspection systems also make it easy to share inspection reports with customers. They can also be used to update customers on the status of their cars.

The right DVI software will help your business get more clients and increase your sales. This software will replace your clipboards and paper inspection sheets, allowing you to use photos and videos to communicate with your customers. You can also store all your customer information and send reports electronically with digital vehicle inspection software. This will save you time, money, and headaches. In addition, digital vehicle inspection software will make your job easier, and you’ll be able to complete more inspections in less time.

Improved communication

Digital vehicle inspection (DVI) is a process that combines a vehicle’s physical condition with a diagnostic tool to determine its state of repair. Its advanced technology allows technicians to document the inspection process electronically and even provide photos and videos of the vehicle’s condition to the customer. As a result, customers are better able to understand the extent of the repairs, and it also stores customer information for future reference. This new digital inspection process also eliminates the need for a physical inspection and can save time for both the repair shop and the customer.

In addition to improving communication, digital vehicle inspection software benefits businesses. It allows for customization of inspections, quick access to vehicle history reports, and scheduling of following appointments while the customer is in the shop. It also meets the needs of the back-end business, allowing the business owner to project revenue and ROI. Additionally, the system makes it possible to communicate to customers more effectively, enabling a more open and engaging process.

Improved service revenue

Using digital vehicle inspection software can help your business eliminate many of its current struggles. By allowing you to customize inspections, display vehicle history reports, and schedule following appointments while customers are in the shop, this software can streamline the process and help your business grow. It can even help you forecast revenue to help you make informed business decisions. With this type of software, your bottom line and ROI are improved. However, it can also help you increase your overall profits by more easily monitoring customer satisfaction and service revenue.

ADESA has implemented new inspection capabilities in its U.S. locations, with Canada on the horizon. As dealers increasingly turn to digital marketplaces to source their inventory, having a complete and accurate record of each vehicle’s condition is essential. According to Richard Carpentier, COO and SVP of AutoVIN and KAR Global operations, improved service revenue is possible through the use of digital vehicle inspection software.


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