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Where to go for Mountain Bikes and Accessories in Toronto

Mountain biking is very popular in and around the Toronto because of the abundance of trails within the city or in the close vicinity. To meet the demand for mountain bikes and the accessories many specialist stores have sprung up to cater for the enthusiast and also the beginner wanting to take up mountain biking as a new hobby.

From the beginners point of view it is probably easier to just go into a general cycling store or a large mall and buy a mountain bike from there limited selection. For most purposes that may well be sufficient but buying the wrong bike can be an expensive mistake in the long run. Therefore it is probably best to go to a specialist mountain bike store when buying your first bike as they can give you all the expert tips and advice that you will need.

Fortunately, Toronto and the surrounding area is not short on specialist Mountain bike stores where you can buy or even in some cases rent mountain bikes. Therefore you should have a look around till you find one with the service and personality that is a good fit with you. There are many to choose from and all of them are considered to be specialists in the mountain bike field. Indeed sometimes the only way to differentiate between them is by the brands that they stock.

In Toronto the major Mountain bike stores between them carry almost all of the major brands so whatever make you are looking for you will find it somewhere in the city. The better known brands such as Giant and Specialized will be available in a number of outlets but you might have to search around a bit for Scott and Felt. Nonetheless, for a beginner’s bike any of the specialist stores will be able to supply you with a bike that serves your purpose.

A major factor in going to a specialist Mountain bike store is that they can provide the after sales service and support. Unfortunately many of the general purpose retailers that stock cycling hardware and accessories are only interested in the sale and have no interest let alone the means of servicing or repairing your bike.

Therefore, if you are serious about taking up mountain biking as a new hobby then take a look around Toronto’s flourishing mountain bike scene and you will soon be furnished with recommendations for MTB retailers such as: RSD Bikes, Sweet Pete’s, which stocks Trek, Giant, Opus and Kona; D’Ornellas, which stocks Scott, Giant and Specialized; Gears, which stocks Cannondale, Giant and Specialized; Silent Sports, which stocks Rocky Mountain, Giant, Norco and Devinci.

Of course if you have a good idea what you want and know a little about sizing the bike then you could go to one of the larger cycle stores that hold a large selection of mountain bikes. These are larger cycling stores such as RSD Bikes. Either way in Toronto you should find it easy to find a mountain bike that is a good fit for your new hobby.

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