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What You Didn’t Know About Visas to Australia

The Australian Government provides general advice on visas, but there are specifics and situations where the guidelines may vary. Read on to learn about Revocation, National identity cards, Vaccination requirements, and more. In addition, this article will explain the complexities of processing visas to Australia. After reading this article, you’ll have more confidence to visit the Australian Embassy or Consulate to apply for a visa.

Vaccination requirements

The Australian Government requires travelers aged 12 and over to demonstrate that they are fully vaccinated. If you are applying for a humanitarian visa and have not had an entire course of vaccinations, you cannot travel to Australia. There are exceptions for people with medical contraindications to certain vaccines, such as COVID-19. Vaccination requirements vary from state to state. Before planning a trip, it is best to check the form you will be visiting.

Processing times

Did you know that the Australian Department of Home Affairs publishes a list of all the visa processing times? These are the average processing times and can change daily depending on the number of visa applications, seasonal peaks, and complex cases. Australia also closes its borders from time to time, and visa processing times can be significantly delayed. In addition, some visa subclasses are not yet open for processing, such as work visas, specifically designed to fill Australia’s labor shortage.


In an unusual move, Australia has canceled the visas of two visiting Chinese academics. The move came amid accusations by Australia of inappropriate treatment of journalists and scholars in China. Chen Hong, a professor of Australian Studies at the East China Normal University in Shanghai, said he had received a letter from the Australian Government’s Home Affairs Department stating that he was not allowed to visit Australia because he is deemed a threat to national security by security agency ASIO. Li Jianjun, a journalist with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, received a similar letter, although he was unavailable for comment.

National identity cards

Before you travel to Australia, you should be aware of the new requirements for obtaining a visa. Generally, the Government requires that you have a relevant visa to enter the country. Unlike in other countries, the Australian Government does not grant visas upon arrival; visitors must first meet all requirements before crossing the border. Biometrics is also essential to obtain a visa in Australia, and the new system will be implemented in June 2020. The new biometric system will use facial and fingerprint recognition algorithms developed by IDEMIA. The new system will also perform voice recognition.

Work in Australia in breach of visa conditions

If you’re planning to work in Australia, you’re probably aware that it’s against the law. There are many conditions on a visa, and violating them can result in the cancellation of the visa and restrictions on your return. A violation of these conditions can also affect your prospects of being granted a second or third visa in Australia. The following article will explain the consequences of breaching conditions on a visa.

Taxes on working holiday visas

The Australian Government has announced new tax rates on working holiday visas (WHM) to encourage more people to spend time in the country. For those earning less than $37,000, the rate is reduced to 19 percent. The revised WHM tax rate also includes increased DASP and PMC taxes. The Government has noted that the number of WHMs visiting Australia has fallen over the last few years, with the number of applications each month falling to its lowest level in five years.

Cost of a student visa

In addition to the costs of study, students should consider other living expenses when calculating the cost of a student visa to Australia. The Department of Home Affairs requires prospective students to prove that they can cover living costs in Australia. These expenses include tuition fees, rent, and any additional living expenses. This may seem impossible, but the following information will provide some insight into Australia’s living costs.

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