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What to Expect During an Auto Body Repair

The auto body repair process can be confusing. You want to ensure that your body shop has your best interests in mind. The process begins with an inspection by estimators at the shop where the repairs will occur. Photos are taken, and vital information is communicated to you and your insurance provider.

Frame Work

Many people believe that structural damage to a car cannot be repaired and must be deemed after an accident. However, this couldn’t be untrue. Structural repairs are a large part of paint and body work Fort Worth, TX, and can usually be completed fairly quickly. An auto body repairer will hook your car to an auto frame machine, clamping it securely. Then, chains are attached to the damaged frame area, and hydraulics are used to increase the tension on the chains slowly. This pulls the frame back to its original shape and can fix most collision damage.


It’s a common myth that only cosmetic work is completed by an auto body shop, but your vehicle’s frame and structural integrity are vital. If not properly repaired, your car could collapse. The body will be disassembled so that any hidden damage can be discovered. For example, the repair technician might notice rust under a dent or another problem that’s difficult to see with a visual inspection.

If they find additional problems, the repair estimate will be adjusted accordingly. This is why choosing a quality collision repair center that works directly with your insurance company and keeps you updated on the repair progress is essential.


Whether your vehicle needs a major dent fix or some touch-up paint, this is where the auto body shop shines. The work is done in a temperature-controlled environment, and the paint is mixed to match the existing car color perfectly. Attempting DIY auto body repair is dangerous, even for professional technicians. It requires power tools, heat guns, and specialized equipment. Additionally, the resulting dust and fumes can irritate the lungs.


The final moldings and details are returned to the car for reassembling. The car will also be thoroughly cleaned and road tested to ensure it functions properly. Body shops try to use the original parts used when the vehicle was manufactured whenever possible. However, these parts can be difficult to find in some cases. In these instances, the shop may resort to aftermarket parts, which are generally cheaper but offer similar quality and performance.


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